Ha Jung Woo revealed there would be no "point" if Suzy Bae member joined 'Baekdu Mountain' cast.
Ha Jung Woo revealed there would be no "point" if Suzy Bae member joined 'Baekdu Mountain' cast. (Photo: BaeSuzy.co.il/Facebook)

Earlier reports revealed Suzy Bae was in talks to play the role of Ha Jung Woo's wife in the upcoming movie, "Baekdu Mountain." But while talking about the film, the 40-year-old actor revealed there would be no "point" if the former Miss A member joined the cast.

In an interview for his movie "Take Point," Ha Jung Woo talked about his current and upcoming works for 2019. As the South Korean actor is often lined up to do action films, he was asked if he is also willing to do romance genres.

Ha Jung Woo admitted that he is "extremely interested" to do romance productions, but he often finds himself doing a different genre. "The latest movies these days or the productions I choose are all just the wrong types," he said that left to laughter, per All Kpop.

He also revealed that he had been continuously filming with all men. So as there are rumors that Suzy Bae will play the role of his wife in "Baekdu Mountain," he doubts if they will have a scene. "Even if Suzy were to be cast as the role of my wife, what's the point? We won't meet in the movie," Ha Jung Woo added.

Ha Jung Woo explained all of his scenes in "Baekdu Mountain" would be with Lee Byung Hun, from the beginning until the end. Different scenes in the film will take place in different places. If ever Suzy Bae joins the cast, her role would be left behind in Seoul, and he would be part of the rescue team going to the mountain.

Business Times previously reported Suzy Bae got the offer to play the role of Ha Jung Wife's in the upcoming movie "Baekdu Mountain." However, it has yet to be known if she would accept the role.

Suzy Bae's agency, JYP Entertainment, released a statement to address the news. "Although it is true that she received the offer, it is one of the projects she is reviewing," it said.

"Baekdu Mountain" tells the story of North Korea and South Korea's rescue team members as they brave the volcano's possible eruption. The group will try their best to prevent mass destruction from happening in the two countries.

Ha Jung Woo will play the role of a South Korean agent in "Baekdu Mountain." If ever Suzy Bae accepts the role, she will portray the character of his wife. Other stars that will join the film are Lee Byung Hun as a North Korean agent, Ma Dong Seok as a scientist, and Jeon Hye Jin as a South Korean government official.