Real estate consultancy Knight Frank recently released a report about top prime destinations which included ski resorts. Most of them are predictably in the Alps, but one of them is found in the US. St. Moritz leads the way in the Alpine destinations, while Aspen is the lone American location on the list.

Business Insider noted the popularity of these locations with the upper class. They are always in the market to buy premium properties in these ski destinations, mostly focusing on homes found in the Alps. Aspen, Colorado, is the surprise among the top four. It is found outside of Europe, and also commands a top price for those who want to own real estate in the location.

Knight Frank published the report, including ideas on which properties are designated 'ultra-prime' in the world market. These destinations are measured through home sales--they need to have at least three sold at a collective price of $25 million, over a three-year period.

As for other locations in Europe, there are some locations in Switzerland, Italy, and France that stood out for the elite market. Most of these locations, Telegraph UK reported, were also found in the ski villages. Whereas most of the other prime real estates were located near historical sites, these stood out as prime vacation locations for prime market investors.

In Switzerland, Murren stood out as the real estate market to buy into. These are home to the peaks of Eiger, Jungfrau, and Monch, most of which can be seen across the village. Murren also features slopes that have runs of about 1,300m of vertical ground, found in the 2,970m Schilthorn.

Courmayeur in Italy and St Martin-de-Belleville in France, meanwhile, feature ski areas for the weekend crowd and those looking for a challenge. The St Martin-de-Belleville has a wide area for skiing, while the Courmayeur has lots to offer those looking for a prime piece of real estate in a mountaineering village.

The crowd interested in these locations have run the gamut from big businessmen to celebrities. Whatever their reasons are for searching real estate, these have been popular places for the elite to enjoy living in--locations which are seemingly reserved for the one percent.