Nintendo And Nintendo Switch 2019, The Highly Anticipated Games And Changes For The Coming Year

Nintendo In 2019
Nintendo In 2019 (Photo: Nintendo/Facebook)

Nintendo is set to rock the gaming world as 2019 approaches with the new games and changes that are about to take place.

The Japanese video game company just won't stop giving gamers the hype as they give a glimpse of what's in store for 2019. Here is what gamers should be looking forward to.

The most loved and what Newsweek labeled as Nintendo's most profitable property is now on its way to a better deal. Pokemon will be available on Nintendo Switch, a core RPG Pokemon title on a full-on-main-series entry. Before 2019 ends, Nintendo promises the arrival of the "Pokemon Ultra Moon" and "Pokemon Ultra Sun" successors.

After Nintendo released its highest selling Switch games, "Super Mario Odyssey" succeeded by "Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," the gaming giant is now bringing "Mario Kart Tour" on smartphones. "Mario Kart Tour" is anticipated to be released before March 2019.

Another must watch out for gamers from Nintendo this 2019 is the "Ninja Gaiden" and "Devil May Cry" era of action games throwback called the "Bayonetta." The game focuses more on slaying the bad guys to gain higher scores and rewards. The release was announced way back December 2017 and no additional information was released to this date.

Bandai Namco's "Metroid Prime 4," the fourth game to the title "Metroid Prime" is another thing to expect this coming year. Although it is still but a logo since its release was announced on June 2017, loyal fans are looking forward to its release because it has been more than ten years since the release of the last game "Metroid 3."  

Nintendo Switch is packed full for 2019. NetherRealm Studios announced during the Game Awards held December this year that they are releasing Mortal Kombat 11 on April 2019. The announcement took the gamers by surprise as Mortal Kombat is known for its violent nature which is not so much of the Nintendo Switch although the latter is expected to take a step into opening doors for more games like MK11.

Nintendo Switch is also set to have Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube, Fire Emblem: Tree Houses for the coming year.

Aside from the new game releases, Nintendo Switch is also rumored to have a better version for 2019 as the Business Insider hinted. An upgrade in the physical structure such as longer battery life and brighter screen not to mention the slimmer profile are just some of the development that awaits gamers.

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