A Year’s Worth of Blockchain Solutions in Just a Few Weeks

Lon Wong, the CEO of ProximaX, had said the company isn't a normal blockchain solutions company. It uses blockchain only as one process, but ProximaX is just one of the many disruptive companies that use bitcoin and blockchain right now. Block Publisher reported that the ProximaX platform was perfect for real estate as a platform for real estate solutions development.

This is also true with Gabriel Abed's Bitt. The founder of Bitt was adamant about blockchain's disruption of age-old technologies. He was one of those who had faith in its use for developing more efficient processes, way before everyone was harping on about it. He still has faith that blockchain has more 'disruptive power and capability' as developers are beginning to explore the crypto-blocks more every day.

Blockchain had been in the news for its different uses, particularly for real estate companies. The processes they could develop using the technology are innovative; properties can be bid on using tokens, while other transactions can be done in the blink of an eye through peer-to-peer transactions. They can be made secure through using the network. Patrick Springer of Polybird Exchange had said that, in the future, blockchain and tokenized real estate would be something like real estate investment trust (REIT).

There are more companies investing in blockchain before the year ends, according to INC 42. Amazon Web Service isn't really real estate, but they managed to use blockchain in their Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) to finish more transactions. Amazon has also created a product called Amazon Managed Blockchain Service for decentralizing trust.

Arzoo Search, a search engine from Vinod Sujan, was created to provide a platform that would be "incorruptible by promoted or sponsored data." It has yet to launch in 2019, but this early, the CEO said that the company plans to provide unfiltered search results performed through the blockchain. He hoped that blockchain would also create a faster environment through which transactions and processes, such as those in real estate, could be completed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, but this year has been about blockchain's ability to become a disrupter of processes as well as with technology. As more and more people and companies become interested in the once crypto-tech, blockchain will become akin to everyday technology.

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