iPhone XS Max Allegedly Catches Fire, Victim Is Not Satisfied With Apple’s Response

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Josh Hillard, a man from Colombus, Ohio recently reported that his iPhone XS Max caught fire and exploded while inside his pants rear pocket burning his pants and causing burn injury on his legs and buttocks region. Hillard claims that the incident took place on his job.

During his lunch break last December 12, Hillard began to notice a smell of what seems to be like something burning. He later felt a large amount of heat from his trousers and saw a yellow and green colored smoke coming from his iPhone that he immediately had to run out and take it off since there was a lady in the room.

Inside the boardroom where Hillard ran to take off his pants, a VP of the company used a fire extinguisher to help expel the fire after hearing him scream. He said that he took his shoes and pants as fast as he could but he inhaled a lot of smoke before being able to do so. He ended up with a pain in his buttocks region, a burned pants and a damaged pair of shoes. The whole incident was captured by a security camera according to Hillard's co-workers.

Hillard headed directly to the Apple Store that night with the hopes of resolving the issue. He brought the burned parts of the phone including the case and the plastic screen protector. He explained the whole story to the store leader and received a response that he will be sent a senior tech to attend to his concern, contrary to his expectation of being handled by a customer relations officer.

After 20 minutes of questioning, the employee attending Hillard tried to remove the sim card from the burned iPhone XS Max but failed since the sim card was melted. The phone was then taken to the safety team and the victim had to wait for 40 minutes before finding a manager whom he asked to help him find the employee who attended to him. When the employee came back the phone was packaged and he was told that they have to send the phone back to the engineering team and that there is no other way that he could receive a replacement unless he surrenders his burned iPhone XS Max.

Disappointed at the cold treatment, Hillard took his iPhone XS Max home and called the Apple Care Line. After a series of questions, and sending of details, he got the same response which made him lose his faith in the company. He is now considering legal actions over the matter.

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