Apple 2019 Rumors, The Latest On iPhones, Mac Book, Mac Pro, Apple TV, Software Updates And More

Apple iPhones 2019
Apple iPhones 2019 (Photo: Facebook/Apple)

Apple welcomes 2019 with so much for their loyal supporters. From the new iPhones, Mac Pro, iOS and Mac OS update to the new products to be introduced in the market, here is a foretaste of what's in store this year.

Apple is committed to better performance and efficiency that is why they will continue to use the A13 chips from TSMC on their three lined up iPhone releases for 2019. The LCD/OLED split will still be featured on the next line up. The 3D Touch, Apple pencil support, triple-lens rear-facing camera, and a smaller notch, improved TrueDepth camera are just some of the features to look forward to on the next iPhone release which is also expected to be similar to iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in design. Sadly, the pocketability feature of the 4-inch iPhone SE, as 9 to 5 Mac describes is still wishful thinking after it has been discontinued.

MacRumors hinted that Apple could be planning to release the new iPad Mini 5 this 2019 as a leak of its casing surfaced showing that the latest iPad is probably having an Apple Pencil support, Smart connector and four speakers similar to the iPad Pro. There is still no word of confirmation nor date for the iPad Mini 5 release out yet.

In September 2017, Apple announced that they are developing the AirPower, a wireless charging mat set to charge AirPods, iPhones and Apple Watch simultaneously. Although there remains to be no news on its release yet, a 2019 launch has been anticipated since its debut in 2018.

Apple is all eyes set on their Macs this 2019 as they establish a "Pro Work Flow Team" to focus on upgrading the Apple products specifically the new Mac Pro to a professional user base level. Instead of an upgrade restricted dual GPU, the next Mac Pro will be using a single GPU which will be ready for future upgrades. iMac and iMac Pro updates are also anticipated this year as both did not have an update in 2018.

An Apple software update in 2019 is probably one big thing for both iOS and macOS users. No specific release date yet, but iOS 13 is sure to come with Apple Pencil improvements and revamped Files app. Multiple windows of the same app and the Split view multitasking mode will be made available this time.

macOS Mojave is the first step towards Apple's goal of bringing iOS to macOS, so Apple loyal fans should expect to see a lot of similarities between iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 in 2019.

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