Apple Releases a Head Turning Giant Privacy Ad, Could This For Google And Amazon?

Apple CEO Tim Cook attends an Apple store in Shanghai
Apple CEO Tim Cook attends an Apple store in Shanghai, China October 9, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Aly Song)

A huge ad says it all as Apple recently posted a giant ad beside a hotel in Las Vegas as shown in a Tweet by Chris Velasco.

The advertisement which occupies the side of 13 floors of the SpringHill Suites by Marriott hotel near the Las Vegas Convention Center says "What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone," adapted from "What happens Vegas, stays in Vegas," a famous Las Vegas marketing catchphrase.

The giant black and white Apple advertisement containing Apple's privacy webpage and iPhone XS drawing may just be a simple statement to some but rumors are spreading that the ad is the iPhone maker's message to both Amazon and Google talking down on their privacy policy that went through some issues in 2018. CNBC interprets the ad statement as Apple trying to give its costumers the assurance that they will not sell consumer information nor use their customers' data either known or unknown to earn from them as what Amazon and Google are allegedly doing indirectly.

Gizmodo hinted that the huge Apple advertisement came days before the Consumer Electronics Show, an event where the iPhone maker usually doesn't show up as it usually has its own series of launching events. Rumors are spreading that the advertisement location was intended so that guests attending the CES will see the ad before getting to the event floor, an intelligent marketing strategy.

CES is a world gathering for breakthrough technologies and innovations and Google and Amazon are expected to showcase so much this year as they have both been working on their latest innovative products. Google stated recently that it is tripling its CES presence this 2019 compared to what they did last year.

With the T2 security chip, security hardware incredibly designed to make sure that all information is secured, Apple indeed has a reason to boast about its dedication to ensuring the consumers' privacy protection. Google, Samsung, Android, and Amazon, on the other hand, are still in the process of restoring their consumers' full trust as they all went through some sort of data collection or big privacy scandals.

A statement released by the Apple website says that all their products are designed to protect all of their consumer information and that they empower users to choose what to share with whom they want to. They even added that privacy and security need not be compromised in order to have great experiences.

Apple, however, had their own share of privacy issues. An example is their screen-recording capability vulnerable to hacker password stealing possibilities. They granted the said permission to Uber in 2017.

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