'Lucifer' Season 4 Will Have More Nudity and Gore, Tom Ellis Says

Tom Ellis
Actor Tom Ellis suggested that his and Lauren German's characters are going to rekindle their romance in "Lucifer" Season 4. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons )

The fourth season of "Lucifer" will feel different than its previous installments. Viewers of the procedural cop drama will finally see a side of the naughty devil, Lucifer Morningstar, that they have never seen before. 

Speaking to a crowd at the ACE Comic-Con, "Lucifer" star Tom Ellis confirmed that season 4 would undergo a bit of change regarding tone. With the show moving from network television (FOX) to a streaming platform (Netflix), viewers can expect more nudity and gore since their new home won't be bounded by broadcast restrictions. 

For instance, Ellis pointed out that they could never pull off shots of his buttocks to present to the viewers while the show was still airing on FOX. He teased, however, that they had filmed several scenes featuring his bum for "Lucifer" season 4 because those are okay for airing on Netflix.

But Ellis also cautioned that they would not be changing too much to the point that the show will alienate its loyal fans. "Lucifer" season 4 might be bolder, but it will still retain the best elements that people love about the series. 

Besides, it's these loyal fans that had pushed Netflix to pick up the show when Fox canceled "Lucifer" after the third season. So, the actor said they would be treading carefully when crafting and delivering the show's new stories for season 4 because they have to think about their passionate followers.

There's also one other concrete change that fans can expect from "Lucifer" season 4. The episodes this time around will be a lot shorter with only 10 offerings compared to season 3's 22 episodes. However, fans won't have to wait week after week to watch how the season unfolds since Netflix will drop all 10 episodes of "Lucifer" season 4 at the same time. This way, viewers can binge-watch or enjoy the show at their own pace.

Netflix has not yet confirmed when episodes of "Lucifer" season 4 will be available on the streaming platform.  But days after production wrapped up, the producers unveiled the titles for the episodes of "Lucifer" season 4. These include: "Everything's Okay" (episode 1), "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" (episode 2), "O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father" (episode 3), "All About Eve" (episode 4), "Expire Erect" (episode 5), "Orgy Pants to Work" (episode 6), "Devil Is As Devil Does" (episode 7), "Super Bad Boyfriend" (episode 8), "Save Lucifer" (episode 9) and "King of Hell?" (episode 10).  

Most of the cast have returned to reprise their roles including season 3 addition Tom Ellis. But the show will also introduce Inbar Levi, as Eve the first woman, in the new season. Her character has been prepped as a potential love interest for the show's leading devil. 

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