Apple Watch 5 Might Arrive Along With iPhone 11 In September 2019; Know What Fans Want To See

Apple Watch 5
The up and coming Apple Watch 5 is expected to have more improved features than its predecessor. (Photo: William Hook/Wikimedia Commons)

Apple Watch 5, aside from the rumored iPhone 11 and MacBook Pro 2019, is among the most anticipated devices that are predicted to be released this year. Its predecessor, Apple Watch 4, did not fail to impress the tech geeks last year and, because of this, the expectations for the imminent new smartwatch is very high.

Apple has not yet shared any official details about Apple Watch 5 up to this writing. However, the lack of details did not stop tech geeks to make their predictions about the device.

Avid fans, who are patiently waiting for the Apple Watch 5, expect it to have a longer battery life. For Apple Watch 4 can last up to 18 hours on a charge, and its battery is much thinner than the earlier generations. Hopefully, the imminent new smartwatch could tap that.

Since Apple Watch 4 had an electrical heart-rate sensor, Apple followers expect that its successor will have more advanced health sensors. These additional features could include SpO2 sensor - used to detect sleep apnea -- that is already present in the new generation Fitbits.

Others predicted that Apple Watch 5 might also rival Fitbit's in-depth sleep analysis feature, which is very useful for people who suffer from sleeping disorders. Fans want the Cupertino-based company to consider widening the scope of its smartwatch devices, which mostly focused on heart health.

Rumors are rife that Apple is, currently, considering including a feature that can do non-invasive glucose readings. However, some tech analysts told Tom's Guide that it is very unlikely to be materialized via the upcoming Apple Watch 5 because "many companies have tried and failed to develop sensors and methods that would accurately measure blood sugar without drawing fluid through the skin or requiring a finger prick."

Another feature fans would like to see in Apple Watch 5 is its support for Android devices. Most fans are aware that all smartwatches manufactured by the tech giant are limited to its iPhone line only. Android Wear already has iOS support and it, according to reports, became one of the many factors why its sales increased significantly.

As for its release date, reports suggest that, just like the previously released Apple-made smartwatches, Apple Watch 5 is likely to be launched in September 2019 along with iPhone 11. While this prediction is highly possible, it is important to note that the company has not given a specific date for its release. Hence, everything should be taken with a grain of salt until it is proven true and correct.

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