Google Assistant Lock Screen to be Available on Android Devices

Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones
Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wikimedia Commons)

Google Assistant will come to Android devices soon. However, Google has not given details when it will be available on Android devices.

Tech Giant Google announced on Wednesday, Jan. 9 during CES 2019, that the smart assistant (Google Assistant) will be accessible on more Android phone lock screens. This feature was first announced last year, October 2018 during Google's hardware event. At that time, this feature was only available on the company's new Pixel 3 handset.

Google Assistant is available through opt-in. In order to access it, you've got to tick the box in settings.

What to expect?

According to TechCrunch, once you add this feature to the lock screen, you can open your handset (and by extension you) to malicious parties. But you can avoid this issue by setting it up to respond only to your own voice.

By using Google Assistant on your phone, you can get restaurant recommendations, turn off alarms and schedule reminders, without having to unlock the handset. Although Google made an announcement about the availability of feature on Android devices, the company did not give any details when it will arrive on specific models. 

Google Assistant has new features according to the latest report. The new features include flight check-in, hotel bookings, and expanded locks screen access.

Currently, the most convenient way to check-in for a flight is going to the airline's website 24 hours before takeoff and remembering your confirmation number (or keeping your confirmation number). With the new features of Google Assistant, it can provide useful departure updates, and will soon be able to automate that entire boarding workflow and reduce user hassle.

By telling Google Assistant "Hey Google, check in to my flight," it will begin the process entirely in Assistant and it even can ask if you have any checked bags. Once complete, "Hey Google, show me my boarding pass" will work at the gate to board the plane.
The US airline United Airlines will be the first to support this feature on domestic flights. You will get the confirmation messages in Gmail. The new feature will send an Assistant-branded reminder to check-in when time to the users. Google has plans to expand this feature to more airlines and flights soon.

Apart from airline check-ins, Google Assistant can help users to book a room for a specified hotel, city, and dates. To complete the booking transaction, users will use Google Pay credentials. Currently, this feature is currently live in the U.S. on both Android and iOS. 

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