The Results and the Purpose: A Look at LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Company LTD

The current hot topic in the world of investments is the LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment Company Limited, a company composed of institutions both great and small. Large companies like the investment company, according to Simply Wall Street, count institutions among the companies in them as shareholders.

These institutions share space along with many of the public shareholders in a public/private trading situation. The market capitalization of the company currently sits at HK$11 billion. This wouldn't go unnoticed, but so far, institutions haven't taken over most of the shares. A significant chunk of it remains in the hands of the trading public.

It usually means two things: one, that LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment has become a large company, one that's overlooked by institutional investors, and that it's never really needed funding simply because it doesn't possess anything to fund.

Another is that the company isn't significant enough for these institutions to invest more of their resources in it. The public still holds some degree of sway in decisions at 16%. For investors beginning to learn the industry, the situation of the company is interesting enough to follow.

That the institutions are overlooking the company is beginning to look more likely. Yahoo Finance reported that the company posted an impressive ROE of 10.8% in 12 months. The previous average was 9.3%, hinting at successes previously unknown. It, however, isn't clear if that ROE was obtained through borrowing or if it happened through several untouched factors.

A closer look at three factors would reveal whether LVGEM (China) Real Estate Investment has the right stuff. Its financial health needs to be looked at more closely. The stock needs to be reviewed even tighter, and there are other factors like better alternatives than the company that people could review.

There are other owners of this stock. A few private equity partners hold 6.1% of the company, which could sway a few decisions. They are, however, temporary for the most part, as they usually don't invest in companies for long. There are public companies that hold the same number of ownership as well. This could be a strategic stake in LVGEM, however.

Looking at the results could be an education in stock evaluation. The company's stock could be genuinely valuable, or it's all a result of overvaluing as well as institutional companies investing in what could be an over-performing company. 

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