'The Haunting Of Hill House' Season 2 Won't Have Henry Thomas

The Haunting of Hill House
"The Haunting of Hill House" is one of Netflix's most viewed series for 2018. (Photo: Facebook/TheHauntingOfHillHouse )

"The Haunting Of Hill House: is one of Netflix's most viewed shows of 2018. But despite its popularity, the streaming platform has not yet renewed the series for season 2. Fans, however, are assuming that the show will return as an anthology. Series creator Mike Flanagan hinted this just as much when he talked to the press about the success of the series.

Flanagan told Entertainment Weekly that "The Haunting of Hill House" season 2 will likely touch on a different story if the show gets a green light. For the director, the story of the Crain family has been thoroughly exhausted in season 1, so there will be no point in bringing the same group back.

While he hinted that "The Haunting of Hill House" season 2 could be an anthology series, cast members like Michiel Hiusman (Steven), Kate Siegel (Theodora) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Luke) told Digital Spy they would still like to be part of the second season. But one cast member who won't be coming back for more fright and scare would be Henry Thomas (younger Hugh Crain). 

In December, Thomas signed on to another series. The actor has nabbed a recurring guest role in "Stargirl," the live-action superhero series starring Brec Bassinger for the streaming platform DC Universe. 

Ironically, it was Thomas who was on board the fan theory that "The Haunting of Hill House" season 2 could continue with the Crain family. Some viewers believe that the Crain siblings remain trapped in that haunted house and that Thomas' character, played by Timothy Hutton as a senior adult, came back to protect his children. 

Meanwhile, fans are still hopeful Netflix will finally make an announcement about the fate of the show. It's possible that the actors of the original cast can return to play new characters, as what's being done in "American Horror Story." 

"The Haunting of Hill House" is based on the 1959 novel from Shirley Jackson. It closely alternates between two timelines. The first timeline shows the five Crain siblings experiencing horror and terror in their former house as kids. The second timeline puts focus on their lives as adults and yet they're still suffering from the trauma of their childhood experiences. 

Viewers cited "The Haunting of Hill House" as one of the best horror series to be presented in recent times. The show has earned critical praise for its story as a terrifying family drama. It's also lauded as one of Netflix's best original programs, and it's still streaming on the platform. 

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