'Lucifer' Season 4: Cast Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photos To Alleviate Fans' Waiting Time

As Netflix remains mum about 'Lucifer' Season 4's release date, the cast treats their fans by posting their behind-the-scenes photos.
As Netflix remains mum about 'Lucifer' Season 4's release date, the cast treats their fans by posting their behind-the-scenes photos.
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"Lucifer" Season 4 is on its ways to Netflix after fans rallied its ways for renewal following Fox's cancellation. As viewers have been anticipating for its official release, the cast alleviates their waiting time by posting behind-the-scenes photos.

The cast and crew started "Lucifer" Season 4 production in August 2018. After four months of hard work, the filming ended on December 4, per TV Insider.

Since then, fans have been waiting for Netflix to announce "Lucifer" Season 4's official release date. But as the streaming service remains mum about it, the cast treats their fans by posting behind-the-scenes photos.

Tom Ellis, who plays the role of the much-loved protagonist Lucifer, shared a stolen shot of him and her "Lucifer" Season 4 co-star Lauren German (Chloe Decker). In the snap, he could be seen standing behind the "A Walk to Remember" star, who was wearing a Joker costume for the Halloween. "Just a regular rehearsal on the '#Lucifer' set with @laurengerman dressed as a joker walking her hound whilst I'll trail behind wondering what the F is going on," he captioned the image.

Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez) also shared a behind-the-scenes photo on the set of "Lucifer" Season 4 along with Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), Lauren German, Tom Ellis, and the new cast Inbar Lavy who will play the role of Eve. "Too. Much. Fun ... w these cool cats," she said.

Different photos emerged when "Lucifer" Season 4's production wrapped up in December. Lesley-Ann Brandt shared a series of snaps on Instagram, showing how they celebrated the filming's last day. "What a season. What a crew and what an incredible cast. I love you all so much. That's a wrap!" she said.

In the snaps, they were drinking, singing, and dancing as they were definitely having fun on "Lucifer" Season 4's set. Lesley-Ann Brandt was with the show's full cast and crew at the time.

Meanwhile, fans are still wondering when Netflix will finally drop "Lucifer" Season 4's release date and trailer. According to CarterMatt, the streaming network is known for strategically announcing its show's premiere date.

Netflix didn't reveal "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" release date until a day before it premiered, and it was a great success. It also announced "Stranger Things" Season 3's release on July 4 on New Year's Day, making a big news announcement on the first day of 2019.

So, Netflix may do the same thing in announcing "Lucifer" Season 4's release date. Since the show is said to feature romance with Eve's, the woman who is still in love with Lucifer, coming, there are theories that it will drop the series' trailer on Valentine's Day.

Since only a few shows release its trailers on Valentine's Day, Netflix may break the norm and drop "Lucifer" Season 4 teaser video this time. It will also fit the timeline if it reveals its 10-episode run in the spring.

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