Is 'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 3 Airing In March On Netflix?

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore stars as the zombie Shiela in "Santa Clarita Diet" on Netflix. (Photo: Flickr/zuko1312)

Fans of "Santa Clarita Diet" are eagerly awaiting the release of the third season. Netflix renewed the zombie comedy series last May 2018, but there hasn't been any news nor clips of its return since.

But a listing of Netflix's 2019 schedule on Express showed that "Santa Clarita Diet" season 3 could begin airing in March, which follows the same schedule as season 2. It's likely that the upcoming installment will also be ready for viewing on the streaming platform by March's end. 

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant will reprise their roles as the couple Sheila and Joel Hammond. Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo are also expected to be back as the young lovers Abby and Eric.

In August, Shalita Grant ("NCIS: New Orleans") was added in a recurring role as FBI agent Tess Rogers. She is in town to investigate a mysterious explosion in Santa Clarita. 

Viewers will recall that Abby rigged the fracking site with explosives to destroy the killer clams that infected her mother (Sheila), who turned into a zombie in "Santa Clarita Diet" season 1. How the Hammonds will get out of this fix is one to watch, but the family may have an ally in another law enforcer, their next-door neighbor Anne (Natalie Morales) who works as the deputy police. 

Anne had her suspicions about the Hammonds in the disappearance of Gary West (Nathan Fillion), but she finally learned the truth about Sheila's condition. Then, the explosion happened just as Anne was asking a sign from God on whether to trust that her neighbors are good people. Anne had a religious epiphany and now believes Sheila has a divine gift in "Santa Clarita Diet." 

Meanwhile, speaking of diet, Barrymore lost 25-pounds in the recent months through sheer hard work and dedication with her trainer. The actress said that she decided to take action after she was mistaken to be pregnant. 

When Barrymore started filming the first season of "Santa Clarita Diet," she admitted her life was falling apart because of her divorce. She gained a bit of weight that she asked show creator Victor Fresco to lose 20 pounds during filming. The crew made sure that she ate healthily and exercised well. 

However, after filming a season and when Barrymore has more time to travel, she will end up pigging out and indulging on food. So, she gained back all the weight she lost while working. Today, however, she said she's determined to stick to her new diet and workout routine, thanks to her trainer.

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