Ellen Pompeo Reportedly Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy' Due To Health Problems

Ellen Pompeo
(Photo: Facebook/Ellen Pompeo)

A new report claims Ellen Pompeo will be leaving the hit medical drama series "Grey's Anatomy" due to health problems. This report, however, was confirmed to be a fabricated claim.

Pompeo's contract will reportedly expire by the end of season 16 in 2020, so Globe magazine claims the actress has no plans to renew her contract because she's suffering from "crippling" asthma. Her debilitating "breath-robbing" condition is allegedly the main reason why she's struggling to work.

An alleged tipster of the tabloid contends Pompeo was exhausted all the time and her condition has gotten worse. The 49-year-old actress allegedly couldn't remember the last time she felt better, and she's constantly reaching for her inhaler.

The untraceable source insisted Pompeo always has coughing attacks and it sometimes becomes so severe that she had to take long breaks in shootings to get some rest. She allegedly thinks working on the series is just too much and exhausting, and she believes she couldn't do it anymore.

According to Gossip Cop, Globe magazine's claim is not accurate at all, although Pompeo hints back in September that she might be leaving Grey's Anatomy this 2020. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that she felt the series is coming to end of the stories they've told. She also explained that it's time to do "something new" with her career and she had to be more available to her children as they get older.

Thus, it's possible she might be leaving the series after 16 seasons, but she's not quitting Grey's Anatomy due to her alleged health problems. Her interview didn't also indicate that she's suffering from any illnesses, and she looked healthy.

Meanwhile, Pompeo talked about her asthma condition in a February 2006 interview with SELF Magazine. The actress said at that time she had two toy poodles, and those are the only kinds of dogs she can have because she has asthma. She explained dogs don't shed, so they don't irritate her asthma. Her comment about her condition was almost 13 years ago, and she hasn't talked about the topic since then. So, the idea her asthma has gotten worse is nonsense at all.

Also, the claim of Globe magazine only comes from a nonexistent source. A rep of Pompeo laughed off the report and confirmed to Gossip Cop the story is completely fabricated. The actress will not be leaving the series over her alleged major health crisis.

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