R. Kelly's Estranged Daughter Finally Speaks Out Amid Father's Allegations

R. Kelly
R. Kelly (Photo: R. Kelly / Twitter)

Amid all the allegation that his father is facing now, American singer-songwriter R. Kelly's daughter, Buku Abi, has finally broken her silence.

On a recent post on her Instagram account, Abi, who's originally known as Joann Kelly, posted a lengthy heartfelt message with regards to what is happening to her father and family at present.

She started her post with a caption that says, "Before I start I just want it to be known that I am speaking from the heart, nothing I say or do not say is to hurt ANY party reading this or affected by this."

On her post, she sincerely apologized for being silent all these time. She explained that facing such a situation that his father has put himself into has affected her a lot.

The singer's daughter also shared how she, her mother and her siblings don't have a close relationship with her father. She doesn't even have the chance to bond with him for quite some time now, according to People.

The 52-year-old Kelly is now on the hot seat after facing issues with women, and young girls who claimed have been physically, emotionally and sexually abused by the artist.

With the disturbing issue, his father is accused of, Abi can't help but feel bad towards the victim especially that her Mom was reportedly one of them. "I pray for all the families & women who have been affected by my father's action," she added.

As her post continues, she let her heart out and shared her sentiments toward her father claiming "how terrible" his father is for being that way.

The teen further exclaimed how some people tend to pressure her family to say bad things or act negatively towards his father. Other times they feel bullied by just being a part of their father's lives.

She explains that being pressured to do something that is beyond your personality and being bullied for being a victim doesn't help their family in any way. She even points out how hard it is for their family to heal in times like this with negativity all around them.

She finishes off her message by exclaiming how she chose not to confront or tell his father negative things. For her, what is important is that he knows him personally and that she is well aware of what kind of "monster" he is, as posted by Pitch Fork.

Kelly's daughter explains that her decision is not for the benefit of her father, but her healing and peace of mind. It is what she believes is best to do in this time.

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