'The OA' Season 2 Spoilers Suggest Jason Isaac's Character May Be Going Blind

The OA
Here are the details we know about "The OA" Season 2. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/The OA)

Jason Isaac's character in "The OA" season 2,  Hunter Aloysius "Hap" Percy, might be going blind. Fans are speculating about his villainous character's fate, especially after the actor hinted about his eyesight on social media during the show's production.

The actor posted on Twitter that he dreamt of losing his reading glasses and he felt "tragic" about it. One of the first ones to reply to his tweet was "The OA" co-creator and writer Zal Batmanglig, who asked if it was his fault that Isaac no longer has his glasses.

The two then proceeded to exchange banters about potentially spoiling the second season. Subsequently, a fan theory alluded that Isaacs might be hinting of his character's deteriorating eyesight in "The OA" season 2.

According to the fan, clues to Hap going blind has been laid out in "The OA" since the first season. The avid viewer took note that the scientist Hap wore different kinds of glasses in the course of the story. Isaac and Batmanglig's Twitter exchange reminded him of this theory he has held on for a long time. The fan also suggested that Hap losing his eyesight may have a metaphorical meaning.

It seems Hap's eyesight weakened as his hostage Prairie (Brit Marling), who used to be blind, learned to outwit and out power him. The moment Hap changed his eyeglasses towards the end of "The OA" season 1 was when Prairie completely healed her vision.

Meanwhile, Netflix has not yet announced when "The OA" season 2 will premiere. Production for the series commenced last Jan. 2018 and filming was over and done with in May of that same year.

But there are still no new clips or teasers to the new season some six months later as production wrapped. Lead star Marling, who is also the show's co-creator, explained that the delay was intentional.

Marling said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that making "The OA" is a long process because every story comes from an original source and not an adapted material. The course of the filming took chapter by chapter.

Since Marling is both star and writer, they can't start shooting a new chapter until she's done writing. On the other hand, she also can't write a new chapter until she's finished being in front of the camera.

"The OA" season 1 premiered on Dec. 2016 on Netflix. The streaming platform confirmed the show for another season a few months later. The series clicked with viewers because of its mind-boggling storyline about people allegedly experiencing crossing the after-life and then coming back from the dead. The first season is still streaming on the platform.

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