Park Shin Hye Will Scare Everyone With Release Of 'Call' Poster

Park Shin Hye will also send chills down her fans' spines in the new movie "Call."
Park Shin Hye will also send chills down her fans' spines in the new movie "Call." (Photo: ava.shinhye26/Facebook)

Aside from being a mysterious woman in "Memories of the Alhambra" opposite Hyun Bin, Park Shin Hye will also send chills down her fans' spines in the new movie "Call." The film already dropped its official posters, and it would scare everyone with its mystifying look.

Park Shin Hye showed her scared and perplexed face in "Call" official poster. The 28-year-old star was with Jeon Jong Seo, who also displayed her threatening gaze on Shin Hye's right shoulder.

"Call" will tell the story about two women who live in different times but linked by a phone call. Park Shin Hye will play the role of Seo Yeon while Jeon Jong Seo takes the mysterious character of a woman. With "The Heirs" star's worried expression, she is definitely in a bad situation in the movie.

Also in the film is Kim Sung Ryung as Seo Yeon's mother. In the poster, she revealed a powerful and protective stare that seemed to imply she is ready to protect her daughter in "Call," per HelloKpop.

"Call" will also be the first time Lee El will be taking a villain role. Here, she will be Young Suk's observant mother. Her cold and hard gaze in the poster showed how tough his character would be in the movie.

Evidently, "Call" all-star cast teased how intense the movie would be in their powerful emotions in the posters. The film previous announced that it would be full of powerful and suspense scenes through its visual arts. The film also promised that it would be a horror movie like no other.

In an interview with Park Shin Hye, she said her character Seo Yeo's changing emotions in "Call" attracted her. The "Stairway to Heaven" actress found Seo Yeo's confusion interesting because of the complicated situation she is into. "I will be able to show you various emotions through the character," she said.

Also, Jeon Jong Seo promised to do her best to put a new taste on her character in "Call," while Kim Sung Ryun vowed to meet the fans' expectation and anticipation for the movie. Lee El also showed her eagerness to play her unique and exciting role.

As fans already saw Park Shin Hye taking different roles, from television series to big movies, "Call" will be another addition to her growing list of interesting characters. The film is also expected to be the most "remarkable thriller" this year.

Lee Chung Hyun would direct "Call" as they started shooting this January. The film would be released later this year.

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