Wu Assassins
Netflix has a new martial arts drama to replace "Iron Fist" in "Wu Assassins." (Photo: Pixabay/mohammed_hassan)

China-born actress Li Jun Li has been cast in the martial arts drama series "Wu Assassins." After her work in the canceled television horror show "The Exorcist" on FOX, Li boards the Netflix drama as Jenny Wah. 

According to Deadline, Li will play an MBA-holder and a businesswoman. While she exudes confidence, Li's character has a dark nature, and she also struggles to overcompensate for her shortcomings.  

Li, who grew up in New York, has been around the American TV landscape for quite some time.  Her other acting credits include "Blindspot," "Quantico" and "The Following." 

In June 2018, Netflix announced the development of "Wu Assassins" and found the show's lead star in Indonesian star and martial arts expert Iko Uwais. The actor will play the aspiring chef, Kai Jin, who learns that he belongs to an ancient triad known as the Wu Assassins. His character will also have to navigate a violent destiny in the busy Chinatown of San Francisco. 

The actor, who was born in Jakarta, is best known for his work in "The Raid" (2011) and "Mile 22" (2018).  Uwais will also serve as the fight and stunt choreographer of "Wu Assassins." Incidentally, Uwais was the stunt coordinator in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."  

Also joining the show are Bryon Mann ("Altered Carbon") as Uncle Six, Lewis Tan ("Iron Fist") as the clan leader Lu Xin Lee, Tommy Flanagan ("Sons of Anarchy") as the hotshot crime boss, and Katherine Winnick ("Vikings") as the undercover cop Christine Gan. Longtime TV stars Mark Dacascos ("Hawaii Five-0"), and Summer Glau ("Firefly") will also have recurring roles in "Wu Assassins." The show will also feature other Asian actors like Tzi Ma, Lawrence Kao, Celia Au, and JuJu Chan. 

John Wirth ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") will write the episodes to "Wu Assassins" while Hong Kong director Stephen Fung will helm two episodes. Producer Tony Krantz ("24"), on the other hand, will also direct some of the episodes. 

The development of "Wu Assassins" comes after Netflix dropped its other martial arts drama "Iron Fist" after two seasons. The show from Marvel Television starred Finn Jones as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, as the Kung Fu expert who is still struggling to figure out who he is.

Reports revealed that "Iron Fist" debuted in 2017 as a widely-buzzed series on social media with over 120,000 tweets and posts during the season. However, when the show returned for season 2 the following year, the following and buzz significantly dropped to 20,000.

There's still no word on "Wu Assassins" will begin principal photography. The show's release date won't also be announced until the filming has wrapped up.