Volkswagen Follows Tesla’s Lead: I.D. Hatchback Pre-Booking To Start On Spring 2019

Volkswagen logos are pictured during the media day of the Salao do Automovel International Auto Show in Sao Paulo
Volkswagen logos are pictured during the media day of the Salao do Automovel International Auto Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil November 6, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

Volkswagen (VW) is taking a leaf out of Tesla's marketing plan for the I.D. Hatchback. The German automaker will reportedly enforce a "first-come, first served" policy and will require consumers to put in a reservation fee for the I.D. Hatchback even before live production begins.

The I.D. Hatchback will be the first of Volkswagen's new generation electric vehicles to go in production. Juergen Stackmann, the Volkswagen brand sales chief, is confident that the Tesla Model 3's marketing campaign could be as effective in Europe as it was in the U.S.

According to Stackmann, consumers from countries such as Norway and Holland have responded positively and would likely agree to reserve their I.D. Hatchbacks early. This marketing strategy worked wonders for Tesla, and if Volkswagen follows this path, Stackmann believes they would have similar success.

Stackmann revealed that Volkswagen's Norwegian sales group are estimating as much as ten thousand pre-bookings for the I.D. Hatchback. While some would say that this statement could be a marketing stunt to hype up VW's flagship EV even before it goes into production, Stackmann assures the public that there is a genuine interest in the I.D. Hatchback.

A marketing campaign is only as good as the actual product itself. And so far, the prototype seems as good as advertised according to recent reports. At 4250mm, the Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback is about the size of the discontinued Golf diesel. But that's about the only similarity it has with the Golf. The I.D. Hatchback's wheelbase is longer than that of the Golf, providing more space in the rear.

Previous reports suggest that the Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback will reportedly have a range of 175 to 265 miles. That is quite an improvement when compared with Tesla Model 3's 215-mile range. It will also cost $8,000 less than Model 3 and would be in the price range of the Golf.

However, the latest reports suggest that the Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback will have two range options: 206 miles and 312 miles. However, both models will have the same 134-kilowatt rear-wheel drive motor and will have a top speed of 99 miles per hour (160km/h). VW also claims that 0-80% charging will take about 30 minutes.

The Tesla Model 3 and the I.D. Hatchback are both designed with unparalleled passenger comfort and safety in mind, but it is clear that Model 3 is currently ahead of the curve. But given Volkswagen's promise of a cheaper, functional, and more efficient electric vehicle, it is safe to assume that the I.D. Hatchback would be a good addition to the growing electric vehicle market. And if these reports are accurate, then VW is poised to give every EV model a run for their money.

Consumers in Europe can reserve their I.D. Hatchback starting this spring if Volkswagen stays on schedule. The full-scale production of the I.D. Hatchback will start in November and will be available in early 2020.

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