'Pokemon Go' Latest Update: Make Way For Swinub This February

With January coming to a close, augmented reality gamers are now eager to see what lies ahead on "Pokemon Go". And based on recent reports, there is a new critter coming out in the open with Swinub.

According to Game Rant, Swinub has been officially confirmed as coming this February 2019 which means that players will have a new pocket monster to hunt down. Players will get three hours to catch as many of him as possible together with some new shiny Pokemon they can add to their Pokedex.

Dedicating time for Swinub may vary depending on what "Pokemon Go" trainers are after. The dual-type Ice/Ground Pokemon that was introduced in Generation II may not be as popular to augmented reality gamers although some may think twice because of its evolutions.

Especially for gamers who place a premium on Battle Raid matchups on "Pokemon Go", the wise bet is to look beyond the default form of the creature for the February Community Day events. It all starts on Feb. 16 and may end up being one of the biggest Community Days yet, The Silph Road said.

That said, it may be wise for players may want to use the Community Day event to snag one to evolve and use it to fill in that gap in their party. The influx of shiny variants does not give trainers any advantage although they are neat to add to one's inventory for collection purposes.

Aside from Swinub and the new shiny variants coming next month on "Pokemon Go", there is more to look forward to. Trainers will get an extra bonus where they can earn up to five Sinnoh stones. To do this, they simply have to use the recently added PvP mechanics and battle other trainers for a chance at getting a Sinnoh Stone as a reward.

Looking beyond the collection of the Sinnoh Stone collecting part, it may also be of interest to folks who are after the Mamoswine. Some believe that this can only be obtained within the three-hour window of the Community Day event. The Mamoswine has drawn interest among players because it allegedly comes with an exclusive move that may come in handy during Battle Raid encounters.

Other things to watch out for include three-hour lures, a highly increased chance of catching shiny variants and 3X Stardust. There is apparently plenty to look forward to, meaning "Pokemon Go" players will remain busy anew with Niantic's latest tweaks to the hit augmented reality game.

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