'Insatiable' Season 2 Continues Despite Controversies, Complaints

Despite the bad reviews and low ratings, Netflix renewed the show for 'Insatiable' Season 2 in September.
Despite the bad reviews and low ratings, Netflix renewed the show for 'Insatiable' Season 2 in September. (Photo: InsatiableNetflix/Facebook)

Despite the controversy, Netflix ordered for "Insatiable" Season 2. Before the web television series airs, a petition circulated online and even gathered almost 237,000 signatures so far for its cancellation because of its alleged body-shaming plot.

The show tells Patty's (Debby Ryan) story after she got bullied for being overweight. When she lost weight, she took revenge on her enemies. Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), the disgraced attorney and beauty pageant coach, then decided to take her as his client. Would Patty's vengeance continue in "Insatiable" Season 2?

"Insatiable" turned to be the "worst reviewed series" on Metacritic after its release. It had an average rating of 23 and No. 110 on its list of 2018 TV shows. It also got 14 percent rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, making a historic low tally. It was also the 18th worst TV series ever rated on the site, per IndieWire. Could "Insatiable" Season 2 change these perceptions?

Despite the bad reviews and low ratings, Netflix renewed the show for "Insatiable" Season 2 in September. The streaming network has been known for renewing shows in spite of the controversies and scandals just like "Iron Fist," which received complaints about its alleged "cultural appropriation."

Talking at the Television Critics Association press tour last year, Netflix's vice president of original series Cindy Holland justified its way of renewing shows. "The most important thing in renewing a series [is], 'Are we getting enough viewership to justify the cost of series?'" she said. Aside from that question, the network also looked the series' fan community, its social title, and a lot more. As Patty got a lot of support despite controversies, it is not surprising to see "Insatiable" Season 2.

According to Inverse, "Insatiable" Season 2 may see the return of the surviving original cast. The first season starred, of course, Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts along with Christopher Gorham, Alyssa Milano, Sarah Colonna, Erinn Westbrook, Kimmy Shields, Michael Provost, and Irene Choi.

It is not yet known what "Insatiable" Season 2 would be all about, but it could explore Patty's crimes if she would ever get away with it or get into jail. "I would love to see her seek medical professional help for some of her problems," Debby Rya told E! News about what she wanted her character to do moving forward.

Netflix has yet to reveal any details about "Insatiable" Season 2, let alone its release date. But as the network ordered for another installment, it is expected to be out later this year around the same time the first season got released. 

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