Russia, China, Greece Supports Maduro Regime

Nicolas Maduro
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a meeting with government officials at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas (Photo: REUTERS)

Russia, China, and Greece expressed their support to the administration of the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in response to the call of the United States for all nations to "stand with the forces of freedom" over the politically torn Venezuela.

Recently, the U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described the Venezuelan president as part of an "illegitimate mafia state" which is responsible for the collapse of the economy of Venezuela. The secretary pressed other nations to recognize the opposition leader Juan Guaido as the new leader of Venezuela amid the intensifying protests over the crisis in the country. According to reports, more than two million have fled because of food and medicine shortage.

Pompeo said that it is now time for every nation to choose their side. He added that nations should either stand on the side of freedom or be in league with Maduro and his mayhem. The United States also advised other nations to end all financial transactions with Maduro's government. Venezuela's national debt is high despite its abundant oil wealth.

The U.S. secretary criticized Russia and China for supporting the Venezuelan leader claiming that they are "propping up a failed regime in the hopes of recovering billions of dollars in ill-considered investments and assistance made over the years".

According to reports Russia blocked a draft from the Security Council statement that supports Guaido and considers the National Assembly that he heads as the only democratically elected institution in Venezuela.

Vassily Nebenzia, a Russian ambassador, said that Venezuela does not pose any threat to peace and security. The ambassador added that the intention of the United States is to orchestrate a coup d'etat. Nebenzia also criticized the United States treatment of Latin America as a backyard where they can do anything they want. He also added that Russia will not raise France' yellow vest protest at the Security Council.

The U.S. President's move to recognize the opposition leader gained support from many Latin American powers that include Brazil, Columbia, and Argentina. Some Latin American leaders, however, oppose United States intervention on Venezuela's internal affair.

On Saturday, the European leaders warned Maduro's leadership that they will recognize the opposition unless a new election takes place within eight days. On Sunday, the Venezuelan leader dismissed the "ultimatum" of the European Union members to launch a new election. According to the President, nobody gives them an ultimatum and he added that all of Europe bows down to Donald Trump especially when it comes to Venezuela.

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