Overwatch News & Update: Blizzard Reveals New Map Set in Paris

Blizzard's Overwatch Map
Blizzard reveals Overwatch Map sets in Paris (Photo: Overwatch / Official Twitter Page)

Overwatch released Overwatch Map. Apparently, it is set in Paris.

[UPDATE] The new Overwatch Paris Map has been live on PC Public Test server. Many players have enjoyed the update as they discovered that their guns, hammers, and hamster balls can do more than just claim lives in the new map. Apart from that, they can also play piano,  Kotaku reported.

Players are using the new piano to fire bullets into all sorts of songs. There are videos showing how to use the piano in Overwatch Paris Map. The first video is Lyeaf's performance of "Megalovania" from Undertale.

Apart from that, someone also plays Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," Mario theme, and Streamer Fareeha sang "La Vie En Rose."

There's also a compilation of memes and a version of "All Star" by Smash Mouth (covered by Jenu).

Paris is the latest location coming to Overwatch. Blizzard revealed this on Wednesday, January 30. According to Variety, the assault map is going live on the PTR immediately. So fans, you better check it out.

What to expect on the new map?

Overwatch map allows players to venture to through iconic scenes in the world-renowned city. Players are fighting their way through narrow streets and corridors before colliding alongside the Seine.

The map also features the Cabaret Luna, which is home to musical talents of diva Luna. There is the Pâtisserie Galand, and the Maison Marat a grand palace hosting a gala in the heart of the city.

As of now, "Overwatch" has 20 maps. According to the source, the game developer wants to release three new maps a year. The last competitive play map that it released was the Korea-themed control map Busan. This version was revealed during the August Korea Overwatch Fan Festival 2018. it was added to the game's PTR server and became live in servers on Sept. 11 2018.
If you are waiting for PC and PS4 release, unfortunately, Blizzard did not specify when the Overwatch Paris Map will be released for the live version of Overwatch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

According to Polygon, the developer usually tests maps for a few weeks on the PTR before rolling them out widely. So probably, Blizzard's romantic new map may be released Valentine's Day.

There will be more updates for sure this week. To get more latest news and trends, keep your tabs on Business Times.

Overwatch Piano Cover Videos in Paris Map

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