Red Dead Redemption 2 Latest News: Hacker Conoeing To Get Their Way To The New World; Youtube Channel Shares RR2 Tips
Some players are canoeing to find a way to the new world on Red Dead Redemption 2. (Photo: Red Redemption 2 / Official Facebook Page)

While some players are still unraveling the mysteries on Red Dead Redemption 2, some players are canoeing to get their way to the new world. To help other players, a Youtube channel shares some tips on how to get to Guarma by canoeing.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the playable games this year. Most players spend a lot of time exploring the game. However, they still miss most of the smaller details and secrets. With that, there is a large community of mystery hunters, where you can ask other players about tips or share some discoveries.
Players can spend hours just hiking around a small section of the woods. In order to monitor the progress, they can document anything that seems out of place or bizarre on Red Dead Redemption 2.

In a thread on Reddit, many players are sharing what they've encountered such as "I went to the post office and when I came out my horse had died. Is this normal by any chance?" Some players in Red Dead Mysteries community debunked the images in the Reddit thread. Aside from the dead horse, some players in The Red Dead Mysteries community found different markings and carvings in the side of rocks and trees.
Some players also discovered a possible pagan ritual site and even UFOs. According to the source, the players are actually shooting at the UFOs, destroying the lights on the spacecraft.

Another mystery on Red Redemption 2 is how to get to the new world. This goal may require a lot of patience.

"Basement Gamer Bros," a YouTube channel shares a simple guide. In the video, it shows you need to get the old canoe to get your way to Guarma. Apparently, this tip requires a lot of time and patience.

According to Esquire, players need to activate a glitch laid out in the video to exit the main map-it involves pressing the X button a billion times, rowing through the mesh, and seeking medical attention in case you encounter life-threatening thumb cramp.

Once you activate it, go to the south in order to get your way to Guarma by rowing. Soon, you will reach the area and find the island. Again, it will take a lot of time.

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