Mazda Teases New SUV: Could It Be CX-4?

The logo of Mazda is pictured at the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok
The logo of Mazda is pictured at the 38th Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok
(Photo: Reuters/AthitPerawongmetha)

Mazda has been there as the well-known creator of SUV cars for quite some time. The company has already developed a comprehensive range of SUVs. But it seems that the run has not been over yet. Mazda just announced that it will unwrap its next SUV and the event will take place in 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

According to Road Show by Cnet, Mazda revealed a teaser on Tuesday which sported a brand new SUV which will be unveiled in 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Though the company didn't offer many details about the vehicle, it mentioned that it will utilize its latest engine architecture for the upcoming SUV including its compression-ignition Skyactiv-X engine.   

The teaser gave the first look of the SUV and it appeared as a beast coming out from the darkness. As per CarBuzz, the company didn't disclose the name of the SUV as of now. But looking at the first appearance of it with the roofline slightly taper off, one can easily assume it as the Mazda CX 4 which saw its official debut in Bejing back in 2016 and considered to be one of the top-selling SUVs in China. 

Some of the spectators may also regard the SUV as an advanced version of the Mazda CX 5. Some can even get confused as to whether it is a rebirth of Mazda's popular CX 7 or, it is the company's take on BMW X4 as the front look of the featured SUV looks quite similar to that of BMW. It must be noted in this context that Mazda CX 4 is currently exclusive to China. Whether the company is looking forward to unwrapping a global version of the car, is still a mystery left to be resolved.

Regarding the next-gen SUV, Mazda said it will feature "a more mature Kodo design language and new-generation SkyActiv-vehicle architecture." The company has not revealed any details about the car's official release date. But according to a majority of the vehicle analysts, the SUV will appear on the road by the end of the first phase of this year.

Besides this, Mazda has some other vehicles to showcase for the first time as well. The car giant will release MX-5 30th Anniversary edition at Chicago Auto Show in the coming week. This will also be a great gift to the luxurious vehicle lovers. Geneva Motor Show is scheduled to start from Mach 5, 2019.

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