Angela Ahrendts Suspected Of Being Fired Than Quitting Apple Job

Angela Ahrendts
(Photo: REUTERS/Noah Berger)

Angela Ahrendts is saying goodbye to Apple after serving for five years. She was the company's chief in its retail operations and it was revealed that she will be leaving to pursue new opportunities.

Her departure was announced on Tuesday, Feb. 5 via press release. Apple also revealed who will take over once Ahrendts leaves in April. Part of the statement reads: "Apple today announced that Deirdre O'Brien is taking on new responsibilities for Apple's retail and online stores in an expanded role as senior vice president of Retail + People, reporting to CEO Tim Cook."

It added, "After five transformative years leading the company's retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts plans to depart Apple in April for new personal and professional pursuits."

Ahrendts was Burberry's chief executive and was once rumored to be Cook's successor. However, the lady boss denied this and called the story "silly."

Then again, there is the suspicion that rather quitting from her job in Apple, Ahrendts may have been fired. Cult of Mac opined that her departure was so sudden and unexpected that is why there is a chance that she has been removed from the office and did not quit.

Also, the publication added that it is suspicious when Apple wrote in the press release that Ahrendts is leaving for personal and professional pursuits. It stated that the line really sounds like it was saying the chief was dismissed.

Perhaps the company just made it sound sweet to avoid controversy and let her leave quietly. But then again, only Angela and Apple know the truth, she could really be leaving to pursue other dreams or she was forced to vacate her post.

At any rate, Deirdre O'Brien will now assume the role as the retail chief. Prior to her new job assignment, she was Apple's senior vice president of "Retail + People" and has been with the company for over 30 years thus she is the perfect replacement.

Who is Deidre O'Brien?

As per Business Insider, she will now be in charge of around 70,000 employees and manage the company's stores around the world. She is the third retail chief and the only one to get the job by promotion. The other chiefs came from different companies but she was with Apple since the beginning.

Because she has been with the company since it opened, she provided her loyal services under five chief executives that include John Sculley, Michael Spindler, Gil Amelio, Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook. Finally, before being hired by Apple, Deidre O'Brien was an IBM employee. 

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