Trump Confident Coalition Troops Will Take Control Of All ISIS Territories In A Week

Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS
U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks to foreign ministers from the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS (Photo: Reuters)

President Donald Trump made a bold announcement during his speech at the summit of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS this week. The president claims that the coalition's troops will be able to take over the territories held by ISIS in the next week. Trump did caution that he was still waiting for official word from the troops on the ground, but he was confident that it will happen.

The summit was attended by numerous senior diplomats representing close to 80 different countries from around the world. The event held at the State Department is the latest gathering of the growing number of countries involved in the fight against the Islamic militant terrorist group. During the event, Trump acknowledged and thanked those who have come together to continue the fight against ISIS. Despite losing a lot of their territory in the Middle East, ISIS still continues to promote insurgency and destabilization in countries such as Iraq and Syria.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also made a speech at the event and mentioned that the ISIS was still a big threat to the entire world and that it was up to their generation to put a stop to them. While Trump and Pompeo are still urging other countries to continue on the fight, the United States is apparently still proceeding with its plans to withdraw their military from Syria.

Pompeo explained during the event that excessive military action wasn't going to be necessary for the fight ahead and that the coalition will have to rely more on intelligence and tactical missions. Pompeo also elaborated that the coalition should now focus on humanitarian efforts and the national security in Syria.

He reasoned that the country's withdrawal was a tactical change, but the mission to destroy ISIS remains the same. The secretary didn't elaborate on the military's next moves, but he did confirm that they will still be withdrawing their troops from Syria.

Several members of Trump's administration have expressed their views on the matter, with some members calling it quits. The presidential envoy to the coalition, Brett McGurk, did not attend the recent meeting in protest of the United States' withdrawal. Defense Secretary James Mattis also recently resigned following Trump's announcement of the withdrawal. Those that stayed despite the recent announcement have told the press that the country's withdrawal from the fighting in Syria will have a huge impact on the amount of pressure the coalition will be able to put on the remaining ISIS fighters in the area. 

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