'The 100' Season 6 Plots Jordan As Key Character; The CW Boss Talks Season 7 Renewal

The 100
"The 100" on The CW is returning for the sixth season in April and may likely get a seventh season. (Photo: Facebook/cwthe100)

"The 100" season 6 will return to television on Tuesday, April 30, on The CW. Upon its premiere, fans will finally get to know the importance of the new character, Jordan (played by Shannon Kook), whose introduction stunned fans in last season's finale.

Jordan, the son of Harper McIntyre (Chelsey Reist) and Monty Green (played by Christopher Larkin), surprised Clarke Griffin (played Eliza Taylor), Bellamy Blake (played by Bob Morley) and the rest of their friends after they woke up from their cryogenic sleep 125 years later. In a new planet and a new civilization, "The 100" crew learned that Monty and Harper sacrificed themselves for their son and their friends. They also hoped that Clark and Bellamy would take care of Jordan in this new world. 

That bombshell from season 5's finale paved the way for "The 100" season 6 to get a reboot of sorts. Executive producer and showrunner Jason Rothenberg told TV Line that Jordan's story will be very different from the rest of the characters. 

That's because Jordan has never known life outside of the ship with his parents. Unlike the jaded crew from "The 100," who lived half their lives in war, Jordan will be experiencing everything for the first time in this new planet.  

Clarke and Bellamy will be very protective of Jordan as his guardians, while Murphy (played by Richard Harmon) will let him taste danger and fun. In a way, Jordan's addition is going to change the dynamics of "The 100" season 6 as they face new challenges or threats together. 

But one person who will not have a bond with Jordan, despite their similar lives and origins, would be Maddie, Clarke's other daughter. According to Kook himself during the Unity Days convention with fans last January, Jordan and Maddie will be disagreeing a lot as Jordan wants to do his own thing to prove himself to his adopted parents. However, Maddie might get in the way of his plans. 

Meanwhile, there's a good chance "The 100" might get a season 7 renewal. At the last Television Critics Association Panel, The CW boss Mark Pedowitz said that he's aware Rothenberg is already thinking about what's going to happen after season 6.

However, The CW hasn't renewed the show despite the new-found excitement for the series. Pedowitz said this is not unusual, however, since they usually discuss renewal, specifically for "The 100," during May. He also raised optimism for the show's return by saying that Rothenberg did "a remarkable job of revitalizing the show, and I hope it can go on for a long time.

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