'Bojack Horseman' Season 6 Premiere, Plot Updates: Is Redemption And Inner Peace Finally Possible?

Bojack Horseman
"Bojack Horseman" on Netflix is returning for season six around summer or fall in 2019. (Photo: Facebook/BoJackHorseman)

"Bojack Horseman" will return to Netflix for a sixth season. Though the streaming platform hasn't given the exact release date of the new episodes, it's likely that the show will premiere in its usual schedule.

According to Screen Rant, Netflix usually drops the show's latest season between July to September. Hence, fans may expect to see "Bojack Horseman" season 6, at the latest, around September 2019

When the series last aired its episode, Dianne (voiced by Alison Brie) brought Bojack (voiced by Will Arnett) to a rehabilitation facility after nearly choking Gina (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) on the set of "Philbert." Bojack needs this kind of help badly since his drug addiction, and depression have been turning for the worst.

Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg told Metro that the writers have been working towards giving Bojack some redemption and inner peace for the last four seasons. But as with real life, recovering from this dark emotional space, which Bojack has always been in, takes time and a lot of steps. So, before the redemption truly happens, Bojack will still have to hit rock bottom. 

But while that might sound bad for the character, it's good for the show as whole because here's a possibility for more seasons. Bob-Waksberg said that he's not exactly sure how long Netflix wants them to keep making new episodes. 

However, as long as the streaming platform is interested and they are still enjoying the work, then the world of "Bojack Horseman" may continue to expand. As it is, the fanbase of "Bojack Horseman" is still growing because subscribers on Netflix are still discovering the series. 

In renewing "Bojack Horseman" season 6, producing companies Tornante Company and Debmar-Mercury also made a deal with Comedy Central to air the reruns of the series, so there's more potential to tap other viewers. This deal is a rare arrangement since Netflix usually also gets the worldwide distribution rights of its original shows. 

Meanwhile, aside from Arnett, Brie, and Beatriz returning to lend their voices again on "Bojack Horseman" season 6, viewers can expect Amy Sedaris to be back as Princess Carolyn and Paul F. Tomkins as Mr. Peanutbutter.

Guest appearances for "Bojack Horseman" season 6 will likely include some high profile celebrities, but Netflix hasn't release who they are as of press time.  In the past, the show had Stanley Tucci, Daniel Radcliffe, Ricky Gervais, Lisa Kudrow, Kristen Bell, Sharon Horgan, Jessica Biel, and Sir Paul McCartney as guests.

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