Apex Legends News & Updates: Here Are Some Tips For A Better Gaming Experience

Apex Legends
Apex Legends cover photo. (Photo: Apex Legends/Facebook)

Apex Legends, the new free-to-play game from Respawn Entertainment, is getting some attention from gamers with its improvement as a battle royale game. It received some rave review from critics with one critic saying the game shows the future of Battle Royale.

Besides being said as the future of Battle Royale games, Apex Legends also has a huge following on the internet as indicated by Forbes. Listed down below are just some things every player of the game must know.

First thing Apex Legends players should do is to pay attention to the Squad Chatter especially when they have Wraith on their team. Make sure to listen to what Wraith was muttering because that means she was picking up information about the surroundings.

Another thing that Apex Legends should do is to search for hidden Apex Pack Robots that could be opened between matches. Players can hear them first as chirping sounds before seeing them.

A lot of players skip tutorials or just use it once but in Apex Legends, players are recommended to replay the tutorial. Replaying it can be a platform for players to test out weapons and practice maneuvers.

Apex Legends players should also make sure that they will kill their enemy as fast as possible. This is because the enemy can still revive and regain strength again if they're not finished off.

Ultimate Accelerators should be highly important among Apex Legends players because it is useful for their Lifeline. Lifeline can be used to call down care packages during downtime between battles.

Players of Apex Legends should also give more importance to the ping system. It is not just for showing the weapons of their teammates or marking enemy locations but it could also be used for different situations like calling up a wheel of pings and checking inventory menu for more options.

GameSpot also reminded Apex Legends players that they can use doors to their advantage when breaching a location and fighting a team. Players should kick it or even blow it if possible so that other players near the door would be instantly killed.

The legendary tier yellow loot also has special perks for Apex Legends players as it was deemed the best out of all colored loot. The yellow body shield comes with the executioner park that gives full recharge if they manage to kill an enemy.

There are more tips for the players of Apex Legends. Just go to this article in gaming site GameSpot to know more.

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