Coca-Cola To Release Brand New Orange Vanilla Flavors This Month

Coca-Cola New Flavor
Multi can packs of Coca Cola and Diet Coke are seen for sale in shop (Photo: Reuters)

For the first time in over ten years, the beverage company Coca-Cola has finally released two new flavors; Orange Vanilla and Orange Vanilla Zero Sugar. The company recently launched a huge marketing campaign to promote its new addition to its family of Coca-Cola flavors. The launch was seemingly intended to entice old and new customers and to keep its brand relevant. However, the launch may have had some customers scratching their heads given the new product's rather strange flavor combination.

According to the company's brand director, Kate Carpenter, the new flavor was created specifically for customers who are looking for more cola varieties. The company wanted customers to stick with their products, as opposed to them buying from another brand because of a lack of variety.

The new flavors will be added to the company's current cola flavor offerings, which includes Vanilla Coke, Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar, Cherry Coke, and Cherry Coke Zero Sugar. Carpenter also revealed that they did consider a number of other options to add to their global flavor portfolio. This included flavors such as ginger, lemon, and raspberry; all of which are very popular in select Asian markets.

Coca-Cola's Orange Vanilla Coke was actually offered in Canada for a limited time last year. The company then conducted several tests in the United States, where it received favorable test results. Consumers reportedly loved the "unexpected but familiar" flavor and its uniqueness compared to other cola products.

The company plans to launch the new coke flavors on February 25. The simultaneous launch will see both flavors hit the shelves of supermarkets and stores worldwide. To further revamp and update its image, Coca-cola will also be releasing new graphics on its existing cola flavors. The launch of the new facelifted packaging will coincide the new flavor's global launch.

Coca-Cola has historically not been very successful with its attempt to add new flavors. One of the company's first new flavors, Vanilla Coke, was launched in 2002. It was later phased out and then relaunched in 2007. The company also launched several experimental flavors, such as Black Cherry Vanilla and Coca-Cola Blak in select markets. While other flavors were well received in specific markets, others didn't perform as well.

The company also tried "improving" their original recipe in 1985. Coca-Cola received a huge backlash from customers who demanded that the company return to its original recipe. After a rapid decline in sales and millions of customer complaints, the company was forced to return to its original cola recipe and scrap any plans to reinvent it.

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