Samsung Galaxy S10 News & Updates: The Leaked Price Might Not Be Good For Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10+ Official Renders
Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10+ Official Renders (Photo: Ben Geskin/Instagram)

The recent leaks of Samsung Galaxy S10 show that the South Korean multinational conglomerate is taking some huge risks in designing their phone. Besides its design, the price for the phones leaked and a financial magazine site said this could not be good for Samsung.

Indian site 91mobiles recently leaked price range of Samsung Galaxy 10 and its other versions. A Galaxy S10e costs Rs 50,000 or around $700, Galaxy S10 costs Rs 65,000 or around $900, and the Galaxy S10 Plus costs P75,000 or around $1,010.

The prices of Samsung Galaxy S10 posted by 91mobiles, a site trusted by a lot of tech-savvy people, were significant increases compared to Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus when they were launched in India in 2018. Samsung Galaxy S10 is approximately 10 percent higher in terms of price.

It was also noted that Samsung Galaxy S10's price is close to Apple's iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. iPhone XR costs $750, iPhone XS costs $999, and iPhone XS Max costs $1,099.

91mobiles said they got the information about the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 straight from a Samsung distributor. Since its accuracy is trusted, some interested customers must have to shell out a lot of money.

For some, the prices are justified as Samsung had some improvements in designing the features of the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, Forbes said that Samsung might have committed a mistake with these prices.

According to Gordon Kelly, a senior contributor to Forbes, Samsung has to realize that they have committed a mistake with the prices of Samsung Galaxy S10 especially that Apple finally recognized it. He said that Apple already fears for the loss of their famous loyal customers due to the heated completion again Chinese mobile phone companies such as Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomei and OnePlus.

With that factor, Kelly said Samsung has, even more, to fear since compared to Apple, they have lesser famous loyal customers and lock-in product design. He said that some of their fans will surely buy Samsung Galaxy S10 on its release date but a lot may wait for quite some time instead.

Why would they wait? Kelly argued that the Galaxy S series is known for having substantial discounts all throughout the year and the smartest move for the customers to do is to wait for the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 to decrease.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship with up to 12GB worth of RAM and up to 1.5 TB of storage. The phone will also have an increase in welcome battery.

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