Road Accidents Caused By Icy Roads In China Leads To 13 Dead And Dozens Injured Over The Weekend

China Road Accident
Cars drive on a main road through Beijing's central business area, China (Photo: Reuters)

Heavy snow and icy rain covered numerous highways across China over the weekend. Despite the dangerous road conditions, millions of people still braved the roads to get back to their respective homes during the ongoing Lunar New Year holidays. Private vehicles and public transport were jam-packed onto main highways around the country, resulting in an increase in vehicular accident occurrences. According to Chinese news media, at least 13 people have been reported dead over the weekend with dozens more injured because of road accidents across central China.

On Sunday, at around 5'oclock in the morning, 23 vehicles ran into each other causing a massive pileup that killed five people. The accident happened near the city of Anqing in Anhui province. Several people that were involved in the pileup were also seriously injured and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Just a few hours later, another accident occurred near the provincial capital of Hefei. This time, the accident was caused by a minibus that went out of control. The bus ran into an unsuspecting passenger vehicle.

One of the biggest pile-ups to have occurred in the country happened over the weekend on Saturday. Two separate pileups on that night had involved at least 100 vehicles. The incidents occurred on the Sinan-Jianhe and Jiangkou-Wengan expressways in China's southwest Guizhou province. Despite the relatively large amount of vehicles involved, only two people were reportedly killed. 50 other people were injured. 10 of them had reportedly sustained serious injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to initial investigations, the accidents may have been caused by extremely slippery roads caused by falling rain and snow. The country has been experiencing a rapid drop in temperature over the past few weeks, with the temperature typically hovering around freezing. The recent drop in temperature has even resulted in the country's Meteorological Administration to issue a yellow warning for possible ice on highways and roads across China.

Authorities are still investigating the accidents to determine if the ice on the road was really to blame. Despite the tragic accidents that occurred over the weekend, millions of people still continue to travel along the dangerously slippery roads in China's highways. The three-week travel rush has apparently not subsided despite the sudden weather change this year. Fortunately, the number of fatalities this year is still lower when compared to previous years. The government has recently been cracking down of poorly maintained vehicles and those that travel with too many passengers on board.

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