Tweakbox Down, 3 Simple Steps To Correct The Glitch And Possible Reasons Behind

Tweakbox Glitch, Solutions and Reasons Behind
Tweakbox Glitch, Solutions and Reasons Behind
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Tweakbox is not working properly and users are doing everything to find a solution to the glitch.

Piunika Web reports that it has been almost a week now since reports began to spread that Tweakbox stopped working properly. The affected users then took their queries and rants over the internet. The Tweakbox Twitter account was flooded with questions and complains about the glitch.

Tweakbox is a third party app installer and a popular iOS jailbreak alternative which can be downloaded and installed free. It has a wide variety of apps and makes up to 2000 working apps available for download. The glitch specifically showed that apps downloaded through the popular iOS alternative were revoked while others failed to install after the download.

Now that an iOS 12 jailbreak is still far from reality, a broken iOS jailbreak alternative could mean a serious problem to users. Tweakbox immediately issued an update to be able to correct the problem. The update fixed the problem to a number of users but there are still who encountered the glitch.

Tweakbox then suggested a few simple steps to correct the issue for the glitch that went on after the update.

1.       Tweakbox suggested that if a user encounters the problem to immediately delete and uninstall the app. Wait for a few minutes and download the app again.

2.       Some devices may not immediately manifest that the problem was fixed so they may have to restart the device before the fix takes into effect.

3.       Finally, if the two initial steps did not work, the users are advised to use the VPN as their last resort.

After, executing the three simple Tweakbox glitch correction steps, some users testified that their iOS alternative began working well again. However, Twitter was once again flooded with complains as there were some users who encountered the same problem after the solution.

Tweakbox then revealed a list of possible reasons behind the glitch and why the solution did not work to some.

1.       Tweakbox looks at the possibility that users are not deleting the app before re-installing them making the three given solutions void.

2.       The solution may have also failed because the users are using an iOS beta version operating device.

3.       The presence of a developer profile on the users' device could be one of the main reasons why the correction did not work.

Since the Tweakbox problem occurred in time for Apple's iOS 12.1.4 release, rumors began to spread that Apple could be behind the glitch. Users, however, confirmed that their device did not run through an iOS 12.1.4 update yet, according to the Value Walk.

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