Floyd Mayweather Sr. used to box, facing the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard during his prime. Though not as popular as his son Floyd Jr., the elder Mayweather did fight 35 times and ended up with 28 wins (17 coming off knockouts), 6 losses and a lone draw. His boxing career spanned from 1974 up to 1990.

At 66, Mayweather Sr. is best known for training Floyd Jr. for most of his fights. With his son claiming retirement, Floyd Sr. tried to go some rounds with another former boxer and now coach in Ross Thompson over at the TMT boxing gym in Las Vegas.

Despite his age, Floyd Mayweather Sr. showed flashes of his old self until Thompson unleashed a combo on the 66-year-old former boxer. Mayweather Sr. was sent flying backward and ended up with his back on the mat and feet up high. He did get up from that knockdown, unofficially his third one in the boxing ring although he looked dazed from the barrage of punches by Thompson, TMZ Sports said.

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is expected to be alright although he likely felt some soreness the following day after that experience. As mentioned earlier, it would have counted as his third knockdown since he did suffer two knockouts when he was still actively boxing.

According to BoxingRec, Mayweather Sr. first lost to Tyrone Phelps on May 22, 1975, via TKO. He would get even with Phelps on Jul. 23, 1975, winning via split decision.

His other knockout loss was against Sugar Ray Leonard on Sept. 9, 1978. Other than his KO losses, the remaining four were via unanimous decision.

There is no official word on whether his son heard about the impromptu boxing match. Floyd Jr. is busy with his business although most are still eager to find out if he does have some left in the tank.

Manny Pacquiao has been aching to get a rematch with the younger Mayweather even if the latter's camp says that no sequel will be happening.

According to Sean Gibbons, a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2 seems to be off the shelf. Pacquiao has done everything to help spice up interest on the part of Mayweather but none of the Filipino's tactics seem to be working.

Pacquiao wants to fight either in May or July, the Philippine Star said. There are plenty of fighters lining up, most obviously seeking a big payday. It remains to be seen who the Pac-Man will select.