'Apex Legends' Player Surprisingly Receives 100 Million Apex Coins

Our very own @DKo5 tells the story of why we made #ApexLegends and launched it the way we did
Our very own @DKo5 tells the story of why we made #ApexLegends and launched it the way we did (Photo: Twitter/Respawn)

An "Apex Legends" player surprisingly received more than 100 million Apex coins.

What seemed like a regular gaming day for "Apex Legends" players turned out to be an unforgettable gaming experience for one player. MrJakeHD was surprised to find that more than 100 million Apex coins to his account.

MrJakeHD started his game as he always did this week. After a set of his game he went back to the main menu and to his surprise, his account has been credited with 125,169,100 Apex Coins.

Respawn Entertainment is the creator of "Apex Legends" The battle royale players can use their Apex coins for purchasing non-gameplay related items such as cosmetics.

Players need to purchase in order to avail the Apex coins although the "Apex Legends" game itself comes free. In MrJakeHD's case, the amount of Apex coins he now has is equivalent to roughly $1,287,786 when converted to cash which means he has so much freedom to purchase everything under the 'Apex Legends' sun as The Dexerto puts it.

MrJakeHD shared his amazement through his Reddit account. Right then, comments began flooding his Reddit post giving various suggestions on what he should do with the "Apex Legends" surprise that he had received.

There were comments saying that MrJakeHd should immediately spend the Apex coins he received. Reddit friends are telling him to do something before Respawn Entertainment does something about his currency.

Speculations are now spreading that the Apex coins could be from another player. Rumors also surfaced that the huge amount of coins may be a result of a bug.

Users now suggest that MrJakeHD should check his bank account as soon as possible. They are looking at the possibility of the repeat of charges as one possible reason behind the unusual amount of Apex coin on one single player.

Respawn Entertainment still has not released an official statement about the "Apex Legends" irregularity although they assured their supporters that they are aware of the incident. A quick yet substantial statement saying that they see this kind of stuff regardless of Reddit put an end to the speculations.

"Apex Legends" a recent release from the Respawn Entertainment did a great entrance right from the first week of its release. In just a span of one week, the free-to-play battle royale already had 25 million players.

"Apple Legends" can now be enjoyed through Play Station 4, Xbox One and PC. Players can choose from the skills variation of the lineup of outlaws misanthropes, misfits, and soldiers, according to Comic Book.

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