‘Resident Evil 2’ Mod Brings ‘Dino Crisis’ Heroine Into Game

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 (Photo: Instacodez/Flickr)

Fans of a certain survival horror game called "Dino Crisis" will be happy to know that the game's main protagonist, Regina, is making an unofficial appearance in the well-received "Resident Evil 2" remake.

A YouTuber and modder named Crazy Potato worked on a mod that makes RE2's Claire Redfield look like Regina, the main playable character from the 1999 PlayStation hit, GameRant reported. Though Claire's appearance changes, the game remains pretty much the same.

Based on the teaser video Crazy Potato posted in YouTube, Claire does look like Regina with the latter's iconic short red hair and black-and-gray uniform.

Obviously, fans are excited to get their hands on the mod. Crazy Potato, however, hasn't given an official release date, only promising that the mod will become downloadable "soon." Perhaps, if there was a way to replace some monsters with dinosaurs, that would be even more interesting.

A strong fanbase

With the RE2 remake a hit, fans are hoping that Capcom would also make a remake for Dino Crisis. Regina herself has an established fanbase. Her widespread fame, combined with the RE2 remake's success, should be enough reason for Capcom to work on it.

Thankfully, Capcom does seem to give fans some hope on the matter. According to a meeting summary published online, the game company said they are looking into remakes and re-releases of their older titles. Hopefully, they would consider giving Dino Crisis a well-deserved remake of its own.

A string of mods

In another news, a recent RE2 remake mod that elicited much laughter from the gaming community involves the game playing a specific song whenever the trench coat-garbed Mr. X comes around, ComicBook reported.

That song comes from DMX, and it has the lyrics "X Gon' Give It To Ya." Imagine that playing in the background whenever Mr.X relentlessly pursues Leon or Claire -- it's absolutely hilarious.

The song, which helps lessen the tension felt during those times when the player is forced to face the annoying character (or turns them into funny encounters), will play in the following locations/scenarios:

  • Raccoon Police Department
  • Parking Garage (Claire)
  • Orphanage (Claire)
  • Upper Sewers (Ada)
  • Green House (Leon)
  • Escape Sequence (Leon)

This mod, created by a Steam used named DJ Pop, is available for download now via Steam.

Do you think Capcom should make a Dino Crisis remake? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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