Why ASMR Videos Might Be Beneficial Among Pregnant Women?

Pregnant Woman
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There is a new trend that might be beneficial for pregnant women, watching a YouTube video featuring a woman who's whispering as if she's giving an ear massage. Such videos induced a physical reaction, called autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a cascade of a pleasant feeling that starts on the scalp and ripples throughout the body - triggering a sense of deep relaxation.

ASMR is said to be particularly beneficial among pregnant women since the hormone (oxytocin) closely associated to the phenomenon is elevated during pregnancy, where it also has an important role during labor and breastfeeding, according to the South China Morning Post.

A recent study also revealed ASMR activates the same region in the brain linked to with bonding and soothing behaviors. That's likely the reason why expectant moms are turning to ASMR, and why this trend becoming popular, especially the growing number of ASMRtists making videos on YouTube.

Craig Richard, the founder of the blog ASMR University and also a professor and researcher at the Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy in Winchester, Virginia, gathered data about ASMR for years. He revealed that certain people - specifically pregnant - are susceptible to the phenomenon.

He explained that the oxytocin levels naturally increase when a woman is pregnant, and the hormone is the most associated with the triggers and stimuli of ASMR. When asked why some experience it, while others don't, Richard said those who experience it are producing increased amounts of the brain chemical.

The ASMR study is still at early stages, but Richard co-wrote the first published fMRI study of the sensation just last year. In that research, they tracked the brain activities of 10 participants at Dartmouth College and detected blood flow changes after experiencing ASMR. Their finding indicates that there are indeed certain parts of the brain showing increased activity during ASMR.

Meanwhile, for Lola - an ASMRtist behind "Jelly bean Green ASMR" - ASMR is a refuge during three difficult pregnancies. She said she struggled with prenatal anxiety, depression, and other medical issues, but ASMR videos became her escape. For her, such videos were like a little island of calm when she was drowning in worry and discomfort.

Just last week, Maria posted her newest pregnancy-themed video which is all about simulating a prenatal scalp massage. The video had been viewed over 6,000 times within a day, and many pregnant viewers thanked her. Lola said the video was meant for pregnant who are struggling with their pregnancies.

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