‘Mass Effect’ Game In the Works, According to BioWare

Mass Effect
(Photo: BioWare)

Fans waiting for a new installment to the "Mass Effect" franchise will be glad to know that the game developers, BioWare, haven't shut it down and are instead working on it.

In an interview with Polygon, BioWare's Mike Darrah and Casey Hudson said the franchise isn't dead. Rather, it's "very much alive."

According to Darrah, BioWare isn't done with the Mass Effect franchise just yet, despite "Mass Effect: Andromeda" not succeeding in the gaming market as compared to the previous versions.

Darrah noted that there are still many things they can do with Mass Effect, emphasizing that there's enough room for them to explore. He said they can pick up from Andromeda, or tap into details incorporated in Mass Effect 3. Regardless of where they can begin, they assure the gaming public that the franchise is very much alive and well.

Hudson, for his part, said he keeps thinking about things that will make the Mass Effect franchise better than ever, things that players and the gaming community will find great. However, they just can't get back to working on the franchise as they are working on "Anthem," another BioWare epic.

A long wait

Despite the franchise being alive and far from being shut down, the wait for a new installment might be a long one. BioWare is currently working on a new "Dragon Age" game while at the same time providing live support to Anthem, their current blockbuster.

In addition to that, there's the possibility that the devs will also work on a major update to "Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic" (KOTOR). The studio did say sometime last year that 2019 will be the game's "most exciting year yet," and they intend to release new features and bring surprises to make that happen.


Fans would be relieved to know that both BioWare and EA consider the Mass Effect series as something that's too important to just stop and let go of. An EA representative told ComicBook that Mass Effect is "definitely" happening, adding that it is too valuable to be ignored or abandoned.

BioWare also said they take notice of the growing public interest for more Mass Effect and have some teams working on some "secret stuff" they can't disclose at the moment. What's known at the moment is the fact that they are working on Dragon Age, KOTOR, and Mass Effect, and fans of these titles should just wait for updates and releases.

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