Trump Unhappy With Bipartisan Deal To Avoid Another Government Shutdown

US Government Shutdown
U.S. President Donald Trump listens next to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross during a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington (Photo: Reuters)

At the recently held Cabinet meeting to further discuss the agreement that was reached earlier in the week, President Donald Trump expressed his point of view on the details that were laid out before him. Trump outright mentioned that he was "not happy" with the agreement, but he is determined to make sure that the government will not shut down for a second time.

The president didn't immediately state whether he would sign the agreement or not. Lawmakers reached an agreement for a bipartisan deal earlier in the week in the hopes of avoiding another government shutdown. However, parts of the deal apparently do not meet the president's previous demands. The deal includes the appropriation of around US$ 1.375 billion to enhance border security and to build physical barriers along the US-Mexico border. The budget includes a 55-mile bollard fencing to be built along the border. The figure is a bit lower than the original US$5.7 billion the president had asked for to build his long-promised wall.

In an unexplained post on social media, shortly after Trump was briefed by Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby about the agreement, Trump mentioned that we will be getting US$23 billion from other sources. Trump also tried to downplay his wall's cut budget by saying that despite the terms laid out in the agreement, his long-promised wall will still be built. According to reports, despite not meeting his demands, Trump is still slowly warming up to the deal, which he will need to sign to prevent another shutdown.

Trump also previously mentioned that he was going to be taking some steps to get enough money to build his wall. It is not yet clear if he meant that he would add more provisions to the agreement or if he would use executive action to alter the allocated budget for his wall. He even brought up the notion of declaring a national emergency to alter the budget. However, taking such an action without congressional approval may worsen the situation as it is.

Both sides of the fence have a few reservations about the agreement. However, Democrats and Republicans both know that whether or not the plan is perfect, they still need to reach a bipartisan deal that would benefit everyone involved. Trump has recently mentioned that his decision to sign the spending measure is still uncertain as he still needs to look over the final details.

Due to the partial government shutdown in December and January, around 800,000 federal employees did not receive their salaries. If Trump will not agree with the spending legislation, these employees are likely to face additional financial hardships in the coming months. 

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