GM and Amazon May Invest In Rivian For Electric Pick-up Trucks

A Chevrolet 2020 heavy-duty pickup truck is seen at the General Motors Flint Assembly Plant in Flint
A Chevrolet 2020 heavy-duty pickup truck is seen at the General Motors Flint Assembly Plant in Flint
(Photo: Reuters/REBECCA_COOK)

Electric vehicles are turning into a superlative trademark of the world of vehicles. Famous automakers such as Tesla, Volkswagen, Ford are all moving towards the trend. While a spectacular boom in EV cars have already been seen with the majors of the automobile industry, the concept of electric Pick up truck has just been teased by some as well. GM and Amazon are reportedly coming up to bring such changes with LA Auto Show-2018 fame: Rivian.

According to Road Show by Cnet, Rivian, or what has been briefly known as Rivian Automotive, came to recognition of fame with its two high-end electric pick-up concept in Los Angeles Auto Show-2018, a few months before. The concepts, named as R1T and R1S were incredible in nature, as both of these utilized a unique battery oriented dimension. GM has recently been reported to move towards an all-electric pickup truck soon. As per recent insights, the company is planning to launch its EV pick-up by the end of this year only.

So, it is not a big surprise for the vehicle analyst as GM is reportedly tieing up its knots with Rivian. While enquiring about the matter GM authorities refused to comment on the deal. Similar reactions were also observed with Amazon as well as with Rivian. The concept of EV trucks is not a new surprise anymore. Ford is also looking forward to freshening things up with its F-150 Pickup truck. As per reports, the company will also follow the trend soon with a revamped version of all-electric F-150. Tesla is also gearing up for a fully electric pick-up vehicle soon.

During a conference call in August, last year Tesla CEO Elon Musk also discussed the company's plan to unveil a fully electric pick-up truck soon and how the genre of EV trucks would become a popular segment of the automobile world in near future. As per Fortune, he said: "Probably my personal favorite for the next product is pickup truck, and we are going to just do an amazing pickup truck," while discussing the earnings of Tesla in the call in 2018. 

The price range and the expected features of GM's next-gen EV truck(s) are still a mystery. Amazon, however, stated that it doesn't comment on "speculations." Now it is to see what will this reported pact between Rivian Automotive and Amazon and General Motors (GM) brings into reality in coming days. 

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