'This Is Us' Season 3 Episode 13 Spoiler: Beth Decides To Open A Dance Studio

This Is Us
An upcoming episode on "This Is Us" will feature Beth Pearson's backstory and childhood. (Photo: Facebook/NBCThisIsUs)

There's going to be a shift on This Is Us season 3 in the next episode. The story airing on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC will feature the background story of Beth (played by Susan Kelechi Watson). 

Previously on This is Us, Beth's brief scene showed that she was heading to Washington D.C. to attend to her mother. The older woman broke her hip and Beth needed to be there to take care of her temporarily.

This sets up This Is Us season 3 episode 13 next since this would be a Beth-centric story, as per the episode synopsis. TV legend Phylicia Rashad, best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show in the '80s, will play Beth's mother, Carol. 

"It's tour de force stuff from Phylicia," show creator Dan Fogelman told Deadline. "It's a real high-end theater performance that she gives in an hour-long family drama that I'm very excited about."

In typical This Is Us tradition, the season 3 episode 13 will also feature a series of flashback revolving on Beth's childhood. Rachel Naomi Hilson (Madam Secretary) and Akira Akbar (Grey's Anatomy) will play the roles of teenage Beth and a much younger Beth, respectively. Carl Lumbly (Supergirl), on the other hand, will play her father, Abe Clarke. 

This Is Us season 3 episode 13 will spark some realization for Beth as she goes back home to see to her mother. In the teaser of the episode titled Our Little Island Girl, Beth is seen having a disagreement with her mom, and there are also scenes suggesting she finally decides to open up a dance studio.

Viewers may recall that in a past episode on This Is Us, a flash-forward showed future-Beth meeting up with future-Randall (played by Sterling K. Brown) and a grown-up Tess (played by Eris Baker) in that very studio. But this timeline seems troubling as well as it looks like Beth and Randall are no longer together in the future. 

Meanwhile, This Is Us showrunners Isaac Aptaker, and Elizabeth Baker revealed plans to end the series after season 6. The writers have been deliberating how to close the series this early by mapping out the stories, and Beth's backstory will be a huge part of how everything ties together in the end.

The showrunners also said that This Is Us season 4 will focus on rebirth, restarts and new beginnings. NBC, however, has not yet renewed the series for a fourth season but there's no reason to panic since it's still one of the network's top rating shows.

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