How Hailey Baldwin Supports Justin Bieber While Struggling With Depression

Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber
(Photo: Twitter/Hailey Baldwin News)

Hailey Baldwin is supporting her husband Justin Bieber while struggling with depression. The singer's wife is reportedly one of the reasons why he is now seeking treatment for his condition, thanks to her for being helpful and supportive he's now prioritizing his mental health.

Entertainment Tonight recently reported Baldwin pushed Bieber to seek treatment. According to a source of the outlet, the singer has been battling with depression even before he and Baldwin got back together back in June. His wife, however, became concerned when she noticed that her husband's sleeping pattern changed.

The source said Bieber was sleeping far more than the usual, and he's struggling to get out of bed. He usually gets up late in the morning or early afternoon. So, Baldwin reportedly realized she couldn't give the help he needed alone. And while she knew her husband has been seeking help for depression for a long time, she believes that he needed more.

"Justin has battled depression for years and often found himself self-medicating," the source revealed.

The situation reportedly affected Baldwin, and she couldn't bear watching him suffer from his condition. The source said Bieber's wife had been a very good support system for him; she knew that she isn't professional, so she believes a steady therapy is what he needs. Furthermore, she doesn't want to see her husband in pain and wants him to be at his healthiest, so she pushed him to seek professional help.

Meanwhile, People magazine also reported Baldwin is a big motivator why Bieber decided to get treatment. A source close to the singer told the outlet that he wanted to be the "best possible husband for Baldwin." He's reportedly working hard on himself so that he can be a good partner to his wife.

People further noted Bieber hadn't missed any of his therapy sessions, even though they weren't easy for him. His emotions are raw every counseling, but painful it is, he believes that's what he needs so he can move forward with his life.

In a recent interview with Vogue magazine, Bieber also shared how Baldwin helps stabilize him. He revealed that he's emotionally unstable, he's been struggling to find peace. He felt like he cares so much and wanted things to be good so that people would like him. But, his wife is very structured and logical, which he needs. Bieber said everything's uncertain, and Baldwin is the only certainty in his life.

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