'Siren' Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers Reveal Ryn To Find Another Hiding Place

Ryn (Eline Powell) is about to face another challenge in the upcoming 'Siren' Season 2 Episode 4, titled 'Oil & Water.'
Ryn (Eline Powell) is about to face another challenge in the upcoming 'Siren' Season 2 Episode 4, titled 'Oil & Water.' (Photo: Siren/Facebook)

Ryn (Eline Powell) is about to face another challenge in the upcoming Siren Season 2 Episode 4, titled "Oil & Water." The Merfolk has done everything to help the mermaids live on land, but it will not end from here. She also has to hide and keep her species safe in the outside world.

"Ryn decides they need to find another solution for housing the mermaids, as hiding them becomes increasingly difficult," Siren Season 2 Episode 4's official synopsis read. "Ben (Alex Roe) becomes a mentor to Levi (Sedale Threatt Jr.) as he tries to learn how men behave on land, while Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola) continues to struggle with her mother's renewed presence in her life."

Siren Season 2 Episode 4 will mainly focus on Ryn's storyline. The show's writers seem to be making sure that the mermaid story will remain at the center of the series.  

OtakuKart News reported Ryn will do everything to find a new place to hide as things are now more difficult in their current hiding place. Ben, on the other hand, will teach Levi how to live like a real human while they are on land. Also, as Maddie's mother returns in Siren Season 2 Episode 4, she will be trying to live with her mom again and adjust to her new life.

Although Siren Season 2 Episode 4 seems to be a little intense for Ryn and the gang, CarterMatt added it would still feature fun moments for everyone. Fans would see more of Ben as a good mentor. Seeing Ben teaching Levi, only implies that his character has evolved over the years.

It also means that there is more room for growth for all of the characters. The show is only three episodes deep, and fans are still up for more episodes after Siren Season 2 Episode 4. The show has introduced new roles, but it strategically stays to be the show fans used to see. Aside from the cast's good performances, there is an underlying intensity and darkness that makes it different from other shows out there. With all that said, viewers can expect to see more of Ryn, Ben, Maddie and company in future seasons. 

Siren Season 2 Episode 4, titled "Oil & Water," is set to be out on Thursday, February 14, on Freeform channel at 8 p.m. Fans can also watch Ryn and the rest of the group online using the network's app, along with all of its shows. They can even stream it online through other streaming services that carry Freeform channel's shows.

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