'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 2 Winner Chosen After Houseguests Keep Changing Votes

Celebrity Big Brother
"Celebrity Big Brother" season 2 ended its run after three weeks on CBS with a newly-crowned winner. (Photo: Facebook/BigBrother)

It came down to five people battling for Head of Household (HoH) in the last two hours of Celebrity Big Brother season 2. Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, Lolo Jones, Dina Lohan and Ricky Williams either fought or formed last-minute alliances to seal their fate.

But in the end, Braxton has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother season 2. After some of the houseguests kept changing their votes, however, it was later revealed that the final decision has been unanimous, according to E! News.

However, the night before the finale was a huge mess. Williams wanted to get assurances from nominees Lohan and Burruss but then Burruss has made a pact with her best friend, Braxton, and it seemed like their alliance was stronger.

In fact, when Burruss was trailing behind Williams and Braxton during the puzzle competition, she was actually hoping her BFF in the house would beat Williams. But the football star finished the puzzles earlier and became the first HoH for the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother2.

Now, just a few days before, Williams was heavily campaigning for the rest of the houseguests to evict Burruss than Lohan because she's a bigger threat for the final spot. Williams has been playing this game so hard that it looked like he could win it.

Meanwhile, Williams also made an agreement with Braxton should they end up in the final three with Jones. The two made a deal to ditch the Olympian so that it's between Williams and Braxton in the end.

The next competition was the Power of Veto and it involved some sort of a puzzle again with this season's "priceless items." But despite Williams' effort to make sure Jones does not win this, the latter beat the rest of the houseguests.

Jones later talks to Williams to ask for his advice on how to use the veto and they agreed to take Burruss out. Braxton came to know their plan, however, and was not on board the decision and she stated why Lohan has to go and not Burruss. Unfortunately, Braxton could not convince them and her BFF was out of the door.

Then came the final HoH competition, which Williams once again won. But in a move that surprised Jones but not Braxton, Williams chose to keep Braxton in the final two with him and evict Jones and Lohan.

But it was all up to the jury to decide who gets to win Celebrity Big Brother season 2. After the last two people standing made their case to convince the evicted houseguests to vote for them, Julie Chen finally read the vote. It was 9-0 in favor of Braxton.

The unanimous decision hasn't happened since the Big Brother season 10 in 2008, according to Entertainment Weekly. Meanwhile, the show is scheduled to return for its regular season in June 2019.

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