Ariana Grande Reveals Interesting Details About 'Thank U, Next'

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande (Photo: Ariana Grande Layout/ Twitter)

It's already 2019 but the song "Thank U, Next" is again making headlines as the talented singer behind it can't help but spill some secrets with regards to the making of one of 2018's best songs.

Through an interview conducted with the Zach Sang Show, with some of her friends such as Mikey and Scooty of Social House, Tommy Brown and Victoria Monet, the "Breathin'" singer revealed a couple of never-before-shared-details of how the song came up as to what it is now.

The talented young singer started her revelation by saying how she wasn't sure whether or not she will share a lot of information about her private life to everyone at first. She explained, being a timid-type of a girl, engaging in such blatant and wild situations is hard for her.

But since her best friends were very supportive and always ready to help her gain the confidence she oftentimes doesn't have, she finally decided to give in.

Grande shared, "Tayla [one of Ariana's friends and co-writers] was like, 'B*tch, it's gonna be a thing if you do, but I think it's brilliant and it's special, and yes - do it." Since then, everything became history.

Because of how she and her friends have worked together to finish the song "Thank U, Next", the song eventually played a very important role in Ari's heart.

Despite this, the singer further revealed she still encounters battles inside her brain telling her to back out, rewrite the lyrics without the names of her exes, and create another version of it. So, that's what she did.

Instead of focusing on her exes, she decided to set her eyes on how most people regard her love life, as reported by BuzzFeed. After the song was altered, the second version of the song ended with an opening lyrics that said, "They say I'm too young, had too many boyfriends."

Maybe realizing that it is not as catchy as the song has been, Ariana decided to alter it again. As her third time to rewrite the lyrics, she decided to write about her "on and off" relationship with her by then fiance American comedian Pete Davidson.

Though the third version, which was all about marrying Davidson, seems far better than the second one, the people behind the song still decide to go back to the original version after the couple finally decided to end everything between them again.  

Moreover, when asked about the reason why the song made her "so jazz", she answered, the song has been so special to her since it was crafted out of my best friends' efforts and it was like the medicine that cured her broken heart. 

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