'Deadly Class' Season 1 Episode 6 Spoiler: Everything Changes For Billy

Deadly Class
The gang on "Deadly Class" went on a road trip to Vegas and made two kills. (Photo: Facebook/DeadlyClassSYFY)

This week's episode of Deadly Class was a game changer and a pivotal point in the life of Billy (played by Liam James). His choice to kill his father, while not a shock given the nature of his relationship with him, will complicate things even more. 

Apparently, Deadly Class season 1 episode 6, which airs on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 10:00 p.m., will find Billy more confused after this week's event. He can't process what to feel after what he did to his abusive father. 

James described in an interview with ComicBook, that everything happening to his character up to this point is "hitting him in the head all at once." He believes that Billy cannot grasp the repercussions of murdering his dad just yet. 

Previously on Deadly Class, the gang decided to take a field trip to Las Vegas in season 1 episode 5. Marcus (played by Benjamin Wadsworth), Willie (played by Luke Tennie), Maria (played by Marìa Gabriela de Farìa) and Saya (played by Lana Condor) all agreed to the road trip with Billy, who had his own plan to murder his father. 

With the help of Marcus, Billy was able to carry this out successfully. But now that he's no longer in the clutches of his dad -- who has been a big liability for him, his brother and his mom -- life should be so easy, right? 

But James said that in an instant, Billy's world changed after this week's episode. "I think this is going to be a real wake-up call for him," the actor said. 

Meanwhile, Deadly Class season 1 episode 5 also spelled the end for Chico (played by Michael Duval), who followed the group to Las Vegas because of his girlfriend Maria. He felt jealous knowing that Maria was with Marcus and once he saw them, Chico and Marcus ended up in a bloody brawl. 

While Marcus had the upper hand, being the most powerful person in the group, they begged him not to kill Chico. But Maria, who has been in this abusive relationship with Chico for some time, took matters into her hands. She decided to end it all by slitting Chico's throat. 

Deadly Class season 1 episode 6 will feature Marcus and Maria finally being out in the open about their real feelings for each other, according to the episode synopsis. However, Chico's death may hound their relationship. 

Deadly Class is about a group of teenagers recruited into an academy for assassins. The show, which airs on Syfy, is based on a graphic novel from Rick Remender and Wes Craig. 

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