Gym Workout: What Are The Effective Machines For Total-Body Training?

Gym Workout: What Are The Effective Machines For Total-Body Training?
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The majority of machines found at the gym were built to train certain muscles. For instance, the chest press machine is used for shoulders and pectoral, while the leg curl machine works on quadriceps and hamstrings. But, if you are on a rush, there's some machines used for total-body training.

Here are the 4 most effective machines for a total-body workout, according to TIME.

Stair-climbing machine

Chris Gagliardi, a certified personal trainer and weight management coach with the American Council on Exercise, said stair-climbing machine provides a perfect combination of aerobic and lower-body training. The machine builds functional strength - it trains your glutes and your hamstrings, knee flexors and extensors, and hip flexors and extensors - the muscles frequently use in everyday life. Additionally, functional exercises are a good way to maintain physical capabilities, poor balance and stability become concerns as we age. 

Circuit training

Circuit training involves repeating a string or sequence of different exercises, basically moving from one machine to another and then repeat. This is a great option especially if you're looking for more variety, rather than staying on one machine, said Gagliardi. What's good about circuit training is that consecutive machines don't engage the same muscles - alternating between upper and lower body machines.

Air bike

Air bike is another great option for total-body training since you are getting the cardiovascular component and also improving muscle fitness. All types of cycling train the lower body as well, and if the air bike machine has foot straps, the knee and hip muscles will get more involved - thanks to pulling-up motion in this kind of pedaling.

Meanwhile, the push-pull action of the upright handles of air bike works most of the major muscles of the upper body. You are using a lot of muscles on the front of the body when pushing, while you're using the back and posterior shoulder muscles when pulling.

Rowing machine

Rowing is particularly a good aerobic workout as it fires up the heart and lungs, but aside from that, it also trains a diverse set of muscles. Gagliardi explains the core is being activated to maintain a good posture when rowing, so it's a great full-body workout. However, it is recommended to get a gym trainer to help you with rowing form as it can lead to inefficient workouts or injuries.

"The forward and backward pivoting should come from the hips, not from bending your back," Gagliardi also noted. And if you don't have access to gym instructors, you can watch good instructional videos online.

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