Google To Expand, $13 Billion Investment Alloted For Offices, Data Centers Across US

(Photo: REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke)

Google is expanding so it is planning to build and open new offices and data centers in the U.S. The tech giant will put in a total of $13 billion to realize this expansion this year.

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the plans through the company's official blog on Wednesday, Feb. 13. In the post, he revealed that they have started the project already in Montgomery County, Tennessee. He said he just visited the state to break ground for a new data center in Clarksville.

Pichai stated that he could see that people in the area were excited because the new office will open up new jobs for the community. He saw that this investment meant so much to the locals there because it will not just benefit their state but the residents as well.

"I've seen that same optimism in communities around the country that are helping to power our digital economy," he wrote in the post. "And I'm proud to say that our U.S. footprint is growing rapidly: In the last year, we've hired more than 10,000 people in the U.S. and made over $9 billion in investments. Our expansion across the U.S. has been crucial to finding great new talent, improving the services that people use every day, and investing in our business."

Moreover, Pichai mentioned that they are targeting major expansions in 14 states. The $13 billion investment will also allow Google to open various jobs and hire thousands of employees. Apart from the construction jobs that will be needed for building the offices in Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, Nevada, Nebraska, and Virginia, administrative and tech jobs will also be offered once the workplaces are done.

"With this new investment, Google will now have a home in 24 total states, including data centers in 13 communities. 2019 marks the second year in a row we'll be growing faster outside of the Bay Area than in it," the CEO further stated.

USA Today also reported that with the expansion, Google will be focusing more on developing and multiplying its cloud-computing business. This is because the company has stiff competitors in this area and they are Microsoft and Amazon.

Before this year ends, Google is hoping that their presence will be felt in 24 states.

Last year, the firm already spent over $9 billion on expansions like this thus. the additional investment in 2019 is expected to bring in more profits as the company gives back to the communities by helping boost their economies and lower unemployment rates.  

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